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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 2/2001

Uitgave 2/2001

Inhoudsopgave ( 10 Artikelen )

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

A review of the health-related quality of life literature in bipolar disorder

Madhav A. Namjoshi, Don P. Buesching

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Measuring subjective quality of life in people with serious mental illness using the SEIQoL-DW

Pamela N. Prince, Gary J. Gerber

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Persistent impaired emotional functioning in survivors of a myocardial infarction?

C. M. Plevier, J. M. Mooy, P. J. Marang-Van de Mheen, M. E. A. Stouthard, M. C. Visser, D. E. Grobbee, L. J. Gunning-Schepers

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

The relationship of personality dimensions as measured by the temperament and character inventory and quality of life in individuals with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder living in the community

Lars Hansson, Mona Eklund, Anita Bengtsson-Tops

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Functional status, health problems, age and comorbidity in primary care patients

Michel Wensing, Eric Vingerhoets, Richard Grol

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Assessing individual quality of life in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Sarah Clarke, Anne Hickey, Ciaran O'Boyle, Orla Hardiman

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Quality of life in Parkinson's disease: Greek translation and validation of the Parkinson's disease questionnaire (PDQ-39)

Zoe Katsarou, Sevasti Bostantjopoulou, Viv Peto, Anastasia Alevriadou, Gregory Kiosseoglou

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Comparison of German language versions of the QWB-SA and SF-36 evaluating outcomes for patients with prostate disease

D. Frosch, F. Porzsolt, R. Heicappell, K. Kleinschmidt, M. Schatz, S. Weinknecht, R. M. Kaplan

01-02-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

A community-based study of scaling assumptions and construct validity of the English (UK) and Chinese (HK) SF-36 in Singapore

J. Thumboo, K. -Y. Fong, D. Machin, S. -P. Chan, K. -H. Leong, P. -H. Feng, S. -T. Thio, M. -L. Boey

01-02-2001 | Instructions for Authors | Uitgave 2/2001

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