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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 9/2017

Uitgave 9/2017

Inhoudsopgave ( 25 Artikelen )

21-03-2017 | Review | Uitgave 9/2017

Measurement invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale: reviewing three decades of research

Scott D. Emerson, Martin Guhn, Anne M. Gadermann

30-03-2017 | Review | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

The patient’s experience of primary ciliary dyskinesia: a systematic review

Laura Behan, Bruna Rubbo, Jane S. Lucas, Audrey Dunn Galvin

10-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Making decisions about breast reconstruction: A systematic review of patient-reported factors influencing choice

Kathy Flitcroft, Meagan Brennan, Andrew Spillane

18-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

RETRACTED ARTICLE: The efficacy of Guolin-Qigong on the body-mind health of Chinese women with breast cancer: a randomized controlled trial

Pei Liu, Jieshu You, Wing T. Y. Loo, Youzhi Sun, Yanhua He, Huiping Sit, Lei Jia, Meikuen Wong, Zhiyu Xia, Xiao Zheng, Zhiyu Wang, Neng Wang, Lixing Lao, Jianping Chen

09-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Impact of an electronic monitoring device and behavioral feedback on adherence to multiple sclerosis therapies in youth: results of a randomized trial

E. Ann Yeh, Stephanie A. Grover, Victoria E. Powell, Gulay Alper, Brenda L. Banwell, Kim Edwards, Mark Gorman, Jennifer Graves, Timothy E. Lotze, Jean K. Mah, Lauren Mednick, Jayne Ness, Maya Obadia, Ruth Slater, Amy Waldman, Emmanuelle Waubant, Carolyn E. Schwartz, on behalf of the Pediatric MS Adherence Study Group

17-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

Online support groups for head and neck cancer and health-related quality of life

Eamar Algtewi, Janine Owens, Sarah R. Baker

25-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Income and health-related quality of life among prostate cancer patients over a one-year period after radical prostatectomy: a linear mixed model analysis

Jens Klein, Daniel Lüdecke, Kerstin Hofreuter-Gätgens, Margit Fisch, Markus Graefen, Olaf von dem Knesebeck

28-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

The association between fear of cancer recurrence and quality of life among Chinese cancer survivors: main effect hypothesis and buffering hypothesis

Dalnim Cho, Qian Lu

20-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

Clinical setting-based smoking cessation programme and the quality of life in people living with HIV in Austria and Germany

Igor Grabovac, Helmut Brath, Horst Schalk, Olaf Degen, Thomas E. Dorner

22-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Quality of life among perinatally HIV-affected and HIV-unaffected school-aged and adolescent Ugandan children: a multi-dimensional assessment of wellbeing in the post-HAART era

A. K. Nkwata, S. K. Zalwango, F. N. Kizza, J. N. Sekandi, J. Mutanga, M. Zhang, P. M. Musoke, A. E. Ezeamama

27-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Measurement of quality of life and attitudes towards illness in children and young people with chronic kidney disease

Jennifer Heath, Paul Norman, Martin Christian, Alan Watson

08-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Impact of marital status and comorbid disorders on health-related quality of life after cardiac surgery

Ann Kristin Bjørnnes, Monica Parry, Ragnhild Falk, Judy Watt-Watson, Irene Lie, Marit Leegaard

05-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Linking of the quality of life in neurological disorders (Neuro-QoL) to the international classification of functioning, disability and health

Alex W. K. Wong, Stephen C. L. Lau, David Cella, Jin-Shei Lai, Guanli Xie, Lidian Chen, Chetwyn C. H. Chan, Allen W. Heinemann

05-06-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Gratitude mediates quality of life differences between fibromyalgia patients and healthy controls

Loren Toussaint, Fuschia Sirois, Jameson Hirsch, Annemarie Weber, Christian Vajda, Jorg Schelling, Niko Kohls, Martin Offenbacher

13-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Depression severity and concentration difficulties are independently associated with HRQOL in patients with unipolar depressive disorders

A. Fattori, L. Neri, A. Bellomo, M. Vaggi, C. Mencacci, the ILDE Study Group

22-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

The relationship between internalized stigma and quality of life among people with mental illness: are self-esteem and sense of coherence sequential mediators?

Piotr Świtaj, Paweł Grygiel, Anna Chrostek, Izabela Nowak, Jacek Wciórka, Marta Anczewska

11-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

The impact of quality-of-life data in relative effectiveness assessments of new anti-cancer drugs in European countries

Sarah Kleijnen, Teresa Leonardo Alves, Kim Meijboom, Iga Lipska, Anthonius De Boer, Hubertus G. Leufkens, Wim G. Goettsch

08-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Further evidence on EQ-5D-5L preference inversion: a Brazil/U.S. collaboration

Benjamin M. Craig, Andréa L. Monteiro, Michael Herdman, Marisa Santos

31-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

Use of large-scale HRQoL datasets to generate individualised predictions and inform patients about the likely benefit of surgery

Nils Gutacker, Andrew Street

17-06-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Screening for depression in arthritis populations: an assessment of differential item functioning in three self-reported questionnaires

Jinxiang Hu, Michael M. Ward

20-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Development and initial validation of a short three-dimensional inventory of character strengths

Wenjie Duan, He Bu

07-04-2017 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 9/2017

Assessment of apathy minimising the effect of motor dysfunctions in Parkinson’s disease: a validation study of the dimensional apathy scale

Gabriella Santangelo, Alfonsina D’Iorio, Fausta Piscopo, Sofia Cuoco, Katia Longo, Marianna Amboni, Chiara Baiano, Domenico Tafuri, Maria Teresa Pellecchia, Paolo Barone, Carmine Vitale

26-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Parent-reported cognitive function is associated with leukoencephalopathy in children with brain tumors

Jin-Shei Lai, Corey Bregman, Frank Zelko, Cindy Nowinski, David Cella, Jennifer J. Beaumont, Stewart Goldman

25-04-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017 Open Access

Measuring hemophilia caregiver burden: validation of the Hemophilia Caregiver Impact measure

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Victoria E. Powell, Adi Eldar-Lissai

24-05-2017 | Uitgave 9/2017

Linking existing instruments to develop a continuum of care measure: accuracy comparison using function-related group classification

Chih-Ying Li, Sergio Romero, Kit N. Simpson, Heather S. Bonilha, Annie N. Simpson, Ickpyo Hong, Craig A. Velozo

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