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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 9/2015

Uitgave 9/2015

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01-09-2015 | Commentary | Uitgave 9/2015

Reflective, causal, and composite indicators of quality of life: A conceptual or an empirical distinction?

Daniel S. J. Costa

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Longitudinal associations between asthma control, medication adherence, and quality of life among adolescents: results from a cross-lagged analysis

Dana Tiggelman, Monique O. M. van de Ven, Onno C. P. van Schayck, Rutger C. M. E. Engels

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Longitudinal trajectory patterns of social support: correlates and associated mental health in an Australian national cohort of young women

Libby Holden, Annette J. Dobson, Robert S. Ware, Richard Hockey, Christina Lee

01-09-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 9/2015

A longitudinal analysis on pain treatment satisfaction among Chinese patients with chronic pain: predictors and association with medical adherence, disability, and quality of life

W. S. Wong, Y. F. Chow, P. P. Chen, S. Wong, R. Fielding

01-09-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 9/2015

Impact of combined sensory impairments on health-related quality of life

Laura Khil, Jürgen Wellmann, Klaus Berger

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Consistency of prediction across generation: explaining quality of life by family functioning and health-promoting behaviors

Sehrish Ali, Jamil A. Malik

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

The relationship between four health-related quality-of-life indicators and use of mammography and Pap test screening in US women

Pranav K. Gandhi, William M. Gentry, Jeffery L. Kibert II, Erica Y. Lee, Whitney Jordan, Michael B. Bottorff, I-Chan Huang

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Quality of life in a community sample of young cocaine and/or heroin users: the role of mental disorders

M. Chahua, A. Sánchez-Niubò, M. Torrens, L. Sordo, M. J. Bravo, M. T. Brugal, A. Domingo-Salvany, the ITINERE Project Group

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Gender role orientation is associated with health-related quality of life differently among African-American, Hispanic, and White youth

Sarah M. Scott, Jan L. Wallander, Sarah Depaoli, Marc N. Elliott, Jo Anne Grunbaum, Susan R. Tortolero, Paula M. Cuccaro, Mark A. Schuster

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Health-related quality of life in young survivors of childhood cancer

L. Wengenroth, M. E. Gianinazzi, C. S. Rueegg, S. Lüer, E. Bergstraesser, C. E. Kuehni, G. Michel

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Health-related quality of life of Asian patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in Singapore

F. Yang, K. Griva, T. Lau, A. Vathsala, E. Lee, H. J. Ng, N. Mooppil, M. Foo, S. P. Newman, K. S. Chia, N. Luo

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Quality of life and patient preferences: identification of subgroups of multiple sclerosis patients

Rosalba Rosato, Silvia Testa, Alessandra Oggero, Giorgia Molinengo, Antonio Bertolotto

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms in growth factor genes and quality of life in men with prostate cancer and the general population

Kimberly E. Alexander, Suzanne Chambers, Amanda B. Spurdle, Jyotsna Batra, Felicity Lose, Tracy A. O’Mara, Robert A. Gardiner, Joanne F. Aitken, Judith A. Clements, Mary-Anne Kedda, Monika Janda

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

PROMIS® pediatric self-report scales distinguish subgroups of children within and across six common pediatric chronic health conditions

Darren A. DeWalt, Heather E. Gross, Debbie S. Gipson, David T. Selewski, Esi Morgan DeWitt, Carlton D. Dampier, Pamela S. Hinds, I-Chan Huang, David Thissen, James W. Varni

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Interpreting SF-12 mental component score: an investigation of its convergent validity with CESD-10

Doris S. F. Yu, Elsie C. W. Yan, Choi Kai Chow

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Psychometric evaluation of the EORTC QLQ-PR25 questionnaire in assessing health-related quality of life in prostate cancer survivors: a curate’s egg

Eamonn O’Leary, Frances J. Drummond, Anna Gavin, Heather Kinnear, Linda Sharp

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Comparing three different approaches to the measurement of needs concerning fatigue in patients with advanced cancer

Ulla Riis Madsen, Mogens Groenvold, Morten Aagaard Petersen, Anna Thit Johnsen

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Systematic content evaluation and review of measurement properties of questionnaires for measuring self-reported fatigue among older people

Thorlene Egerton, Ingrid I. Riphagen, Arnhild J. Nygård, Pernille Thingstad, Jorunn L. Helbostad

01-09-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 9/2015

Reliability of the autoimmune bullous disease quality of life (ABQOL) questionnaire in the USA

Deshan F. Sebaratnam, Joyce Okawa, Aimee Payne, Dédée F. Murrell, Victoria P. Werth

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Development of a cross-cultural item bank for measuring quality of life related to mental health in multiple sclerosis patients

Pierre Michel, Pascal Auquier, Karine Baumstarck, Jean Pelletier, Anderson Loundou, Badih Ghattas, Laurent Boyer

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015 Open Access

Psychometric properties of the Chalder Fatigue Scale revisited: an exploratory structural equation modeling approach

Ted C. T. Fong, Jessie S. M. Chan, Cecilia L. W. Chan, Rainbow T. H. Ho, Eric T. C. Ziea, Vivian C. W. Wong, Bacon F. L. Ng, S. M. Ng

01-09-2015 | Uitgave 9/2015

Assessing quality of life in Crohn’s disease: development and validation of the Crohn’s Life Impact Questionnaire (CLIQ)

Jeanette Wilburn, Stephen P. McKenna, James Twiss, Karen Kemp, Simon Campbell

01-09-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 9/2015

Evaluating Psychometric Properties of the Spanish-version of the Pediatric Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Perceived Cognitive Function (pedsFACIT-PCF)

Alex W. K. Wong, Jin-Shei Lai, Helena Correia, David Cella

01-09-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 9/2015

An audit of diabetes-dependent quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Malaysia

Zeinab Jannoo, Bee Wah Yap, Kamarul Imran Musa, Mohamad Alias Lazim, Mohamed Azmi Hassali

01-09-2015 | Erratum | Uitgave 9/2015

Erratum to: A new computerized adaptive test advancing the measurement of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in children: the Kids-CAT

J. Devine, C. Otto, M. Rose, D. Barthel, F. Fischer, H. Mühlan, S. Nolte, S. Schmidt, V. Ottova-Jordan, U. Ravens-Sieberer

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