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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 6/2015

Inhoudsopgave (27 Artikelen)


Thank you to Dennis Revicki

Strategies to improve success of pediatric cancer cooperative group quality of life studies: a report from the Children’s Oncology Group

Puja G. Whitlow, Mae Caparas, Patricia Cullen, Christine Trask, Fiona Schulte, Leanne Embry, Rajaram Nagarajan, Donna L. Johnston, Lillian Sung

A person-centred analysis of the time-use, daily activities and health-related quality of life of Irish school-going late adolescents

Eithne Hunt, Elizabeth A. McKay, Darren L. Dahly, Anthony P. Fitzgerald, Ivan J. Perry

Integrating health-related quality of life findings from randomized clinical trials into practice: an international study of oncologists’ perspectives

Julie Rouette, Jane Blazeby, Madeleine King, Melanie Calvert, Yingwei Peng, Ralph M. Meyer, Jolie Ringash, Melanie Walker, Michael D. Brundage

Predictors of health-related quality of life perceived by end-stage renal disease patients under online hemodiafiltration

Alexandra Moura, José Madureira, Pablo Alija, João Carlos Fernandes, José Gerardo Oliveira, Martin Lopez, Madalena Filgueiras, Leonilde Amado, Maria Sameiro-Faria, Vasco Miranda, Edgar Mesquita, Alice Santos-Silva, Elísio Costa

The impact of tuberculosis on health utility: a longitudinal cohort study

Melissa Bauer, Sara Ahmed, Andrea Benedetti, Christina Greenaway, Marek Lalli, Allison Leavens, Dick Menzies, Claudia Vadeboncoeur, Bilkis Vissandjée, Ashley Wynne, Kevin Schwartzman

Disease-targeted versus generic measurement of health-related quality of life in epilepsy

Christine B. Baca, Barbara G. Vickrey, Stefanie Vassar, Anne T. Berg

Anxiety and worry when coping with cancer treatment: agreement between patient and proxy responses

Ana Paula Hermont, Ana Carolina Scarpelli, Saul M. Paiva, Sheyla M. Auad, Isabela A. Pordeus

The relationship among caregiving characteristics, caregiver strain, and health-related quality of life: evidence from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin

Kristin Litzelman, Halcyon G. Skinner, Ronald E. Gangnon, F. Javier Nieto, Kristen Malecki, Whitney P. Witt

Psychometric assessment of health-related quality of life and symptom experience in HIV patients treated with antiretroviral therapy

Christophe Lalanne, Andrew R. Armstrong, Susan Herrmann, Sophie Le Coeur, Patrizia Carrieri, Olivier Chassany, Martin Duracinsky

Girls’ quality of life prior to detention in relation to psychiatric disorders, trauma exposure and socioeconomic status

Lore Van Damme, Olivier Colins, Jessica De Maeyer, Robert Vermeiren, Wouter Vanderplasschen

Evaluating quality of life and response shift from a couple-based perspective: a study among patients with colorectal cancer and their partners

Marjan J. Traa, Johan Braeken, Jolanda De Vries, Jan A. Roukema, Ricardo G. Orsini, Brenda L. Den Oudsten

The effects of response option order and question order on self-rated health

Dana Garbarski, Nora Cate Schaeffer, Jennifer Dykema

Measurement properties of the 13-item sense of coherence scale using Rasch analysis

Marie Holmefur, Kay Sundberg, Lena Wettergren, Ann Langius-Eklöf

Development of the Alcohol Quality of Life Scale (AQoLS): a new patient-reported outcome measure to assess health-related quality of life in alcohol use disorder

A. Luquiens, D. Whalley, S. R. Crawford, P. Laramée, L. Doward, M. Price, N. Hawken, J. Dorey, L. Owens, P. M. Llorca, B. Falissard, H. J. Aubin

Brief Communication

Reexamining epilepsy-associated stigma: validation of the Stigma Scale of Epilepsy in Zambia

Melissa A. Elafros, Ryan P. Bowles, Masharip Atadzhanov, Edward Mbewe, Alan Haworth, Elwyn Chomba, Gretchen L. Birbeck

The emotional distress of children with cancer in China: an item response analysis of C-Ped-PROMIS Anxiety and Depression short forms

Yanyan Liu, Jingting Wang, Pamela S. Hinds, Jichuan Wang, Nanping Shen, Xiufang Zhao, Jian Ding, Changrong Yuan

Development and validation of the Somali WHOQOL-BREF among refugees living in the USA

Cristina Redko, Nikki Rogers, Liban Bule, Hawa Siad, Audrey Choh

Brief Communication

The Dutch Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI): a reliability and validation study

Marloes Thoomes-de Graaf, Gwendolijne G. M. Scholten-Peeters, Edwin Duijn, Yasmaine Karel, Bart W. Koes, Arianne P. Verhagen

Defining novel health-related quality of life domains in lung transplantation: a qualitative analysis

Jonathan Paul Singer, Joan Chen, Patricia P. Katz, Paul David Blanc, Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, Anita L. Stewart

Population norms for the EQ-5D index scores using Singapore preference weights

Edimansyah Abdin, Mythily Subramaniam, Janhavi Ajit Vaingankar, Nan Luo, Siow Ann Chong

Open Access

Comparing responsiveness of the EQ-5D-5L, EQ-5D-3L and EQ VAS in stroke patients

Dominik Golicki, Maciej Niewada, Anna Karlińska, Julia Buczek, Adam Kobayashi, M. F. Janssen, A. Simon Pickard

Cross-cultural measurement equivalence of the EQ-5D-5L items for English-speaking Asians in Singapore

N. Luo, Y. Wang, C. H. How, K. Y. Wong, L. Shen, E. G. Tay, J. Thumboo, M. Herdman