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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 12/2019

Uitgave 12/2019

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14-09-2019 | Review | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

Quality of life measures in older adults after traumatic brain injury: a systematic review

Cindy Hunt, Shatabdy Zahid, Naomi Ennis, Alicja Michalak, Cheryl Masanic, Chantal Vaidyanath, Shree Bhalerao, Michael D. Cusimano, Andrew Baker

17-09-2019 | Review | Uitgave 12/2019

A comprehensive catalogue of EQ-5D scores in chronic disease: results of a systematic review

Lisa Van Wilder, Elke Rammant, Els Clays, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Nele Pauwels, Delphine De Smedt

14-06-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

A hybrid modelling approach for eliciting health state preferences: the Portuguese EQ-5D-5L value set

Pedro L. Ferreira, Patrícia Antunes, Lara N. Ferreira, Luís N. Pereira, Juan M. Ramos-Goñi

27-07-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Mapping the Shah-modified Barthel Index to the Health Utility Index Mark III by the Mean Rank Method

Yin Bun Cheung, Hui Xing Tan, Nan Luo, Hwee Lin Wee, Gerald C. H. Koh

30-07-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Evaluating a falls prevention intervention in older home care recipients: a comparison of SF-6D and EQ-5D

Maria Bjerk, Therese Brovold, Jennifer C. Davis, Astrid Bergland

04-09-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

German value sets for the EORTC QLU-C10D, a cancer-specific utility instrument based on the EORTC QLQ-C30

Georg Kemmler, Eva Gamper, Virginie Nerich, Richard Norman, Rosalie Viney, Bernhard Holzner, Madeleine King, the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Quality of Life Group

29-07-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Structural equation modeling to detect predictors of oral health-related quality of life among Japanese university students: a prospective cohort study

Hikari Saho, Daisuke Ekuni, Kota Kataoka, Ayano Taniguchi-Tabata, Naoki Toyama, Yoshio Sugiura, Md Monirul Islam, Yoshiaki Iwasaki, Manabu Morita

10-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

Low vision status and declining vision decrease Health-Related Quality of Life: Results from a nationwide 11-year follow-up study

Joonas Taipale, Alexandra Mikhailova, Matti Ojamo, Janika Nättinen, Saku Väätäinen, Mika Gissler, Seppo Koskinen, Harri Rissanen, Päivi Sainio, Hannu Uusitalo

28-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Health-related quality of life in adult population before and after the onset of financial crisis: the case of Athens, Greece

Chrysoula Beletsioti, Dimitris Niakas

03-09-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Age-specific trends in health-related quality of life among US adults: findings from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2001–2016

Mary L. Greaney, Steven A. Cohen, Bryan J. Blissmer, Jacob E. Earp, Furong Xu

01-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Does fitness attenuate the relationship between changes in sitting time and health-related quality of life over time in community-dwelling older adults? Evidence from the EXERNET multicenter longitudinal study

O. López-Torres, B. del Pozo-Cruz, B. Maroto-Sánchez, S. Vila-Maldonado, A. Gómez-Cabello, M. Martín-García, A. González-Agüero, N. Gusi, L. Espino, J. A. Casajús, M. González-Gross, I. Ara, R. Pedrero-Chamizo

13-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

Increasing exercise frequency is associated with health and quality-of-life benefits for older adults

Kenneth P. Kell, Elizabeth Y. Rula

29-07-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Impact of pharmaceutical care on mental well-being and perceived health among community-dwelling individuals with type 2 diabetes

Zheng Kang Lum, Melanie Yee Lee Siaw, Michelle Jia Xin Lee, Zexuan Koh, Parry Quan Zhang, Soo Kiang Eng, Swee Chin Tan, Joyce Yu-Chia Lee

06-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Exploring health-related quality of life of Spanish domestic adult adoptees: sociodemographic characteristics, chronic medical conditions, and gender differences

Yolanda Sánchez-Sandoval, Sandra Melero, Natalia Jiménez-Luque

14-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

Next of kin’s quality of life before and after implementation of a knowledge-based palliative care intervention in nursing homes

Christina Bökberg, Lina Behm, Gerd Ahlström

21-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

Effect of tardive dyskinesia on quality of life in patients with bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia

Joseph McEvoy, Sanjay K. Gandhi, Avery A. Rizio, Stephen Maher, Mark Kosinski, Jakob Bue Bjorner, Benjamin Carroll

24-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Depressive symptoms, physical symptoms, and health-related quality of life among older adults with HIV

Blair Olson, Wilson Vincent, Jaimie P. Meyer, Trace Kershaw, Kathleen J. Sikkema, Timothy G. Heckman, Nathan B. Hansen

17-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Positive associations of optimism–pessimism orientation with pro-environmental behavior and subjective well-being: a longitudinal study on quality of life and everyday behavior

Naoko Kaida, Kosuke Kaida

06-09-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Feasibility and acceptability of intensive longitudinal data collection of activity and patient-reported outcomes during chemotherapy for breast cancer

Payton Solk, Kara Gavin, Jason Fanning, Whitney Welch, Gillian Lloyd, Alison Cottrell, Anne Nielsen, Cesar A. Santa Maria, William Gradishar, Seema A. Khan, Swati Kulkarni, Juned Siddique, Siobhan M. Phillips

03-09-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

Factors associated with quality of life in systemic sclerosis: a cross-sectional study

Matylda Sierakowska, Halina Doroszkiewicz, Justyna Sierakowska, Marzena Olesińska, Agnieszka Grabowska-Jodkowska, Marek Brzosko, Piotr Leszczyński, Katarzyna Pawlak-Buś, Bogdan Batko, Piotr Wiland, Maria Majdan, Małgorzata Bykowska-Sochacka, Wojciech Romanowski, Aleksandra Zon-Giebel, Sławomir Jeka, Mwidimi Ndosi

13-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Establishing clinically-relevant terms and severity thresholds for Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® (PROMIS®) measures of physical function, cognitive function, and sleep disturbance in people with cancer using standard setting

Nan E. Rothrock, Karon F. Cook, Mary O’Connor, David Cella, Ashley Wilder Smith, Susan E. Yount

10-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Development of a mental health recovery module for the WHOQOL

Melissa J. Rowthorn, D. Rex Billington, Christian U. Krägeloh, Jason Landon, Oleg N. Medvedev

10-09-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019

Psychometric properties of the PROMIS® Fatigue Short Form 7a among adults with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Manshu Yang, San Keller, Jin-Mann S. Lin

31-08-2019 | Uitgave 12/2019 Open Access

A psychometric analysis and revalidation of the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale modified for Binge Eating in adults with binge eating disorder

Karen Yee, Daniel Serrano, Judith Kando, Susan L. McElroy

04-09-2019 | Commentary | Uitgave 12/2019

Viewing assessments of patient-reported heath status as conversations: Implications for developing and evaluating patient-reported outcome measures

Kevin P. Weinfurt

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