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Quality of Life Research 11/2022
Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 11/2022


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Open Access 21-05-2022 | Review

Assessing chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy with patient reported outcome measures: a systematic review of measurement properties and considerations for future use
Tiffany Li, Susanna B. Park, Eva Battaglini, Madeleine T. King, Matthew C. Kiernan, David Goldstein, Claudia Rutherford

09-04-2022 | Review

Effects of vibration training on quality of life in older adults: a preliminary systematic review and meta-analysis
Rebekah Buehler, Caroline Simpkins, Feng Yang

06-05-2022 | Review

Effect of exercise as adjuvant to energy-restricted diets on quality of life and depression outcomes: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Seyede Hamide Rajaie, Sepideh Soltani, Zeinab Yazdanpanah, Tayebeh Zohrabi, Sara Beigrezaei, Sahar Mohseni-Takalloo, Mojtaba Kaviani, Scott C. Forbes, Julien S. Baker, Amin Salehi-Abargouei

Open Access 05-07-2022

Conspiracy mentality among informal caregivers as a risk factor for caregiver burden, mental health, perceived loneliness and social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings of a representative online study from Germany
Larissa Zwar, Hans-Helmut König, André Hajek

Open Access 08-08-2022

Estimating the effects of physical violence and serious injury on health-related quality of life: Evidence from 19 waves of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey
Syed Afroz Keramat, Kim-Huong Nguyen, Francisco Perales, Abdul-Aziz Seidu, Aliu Mohammed, Bright Opoku Ahinkorah, Tracy Comans


Physical activity attenuates the association between household air pollution and health-related quality of life in Chinese rural population: the Henan Rural Cohort Study
Caiyun Zhang, Xiaotian Liu, Ning Kang, Xiaoyu Hou, Wei Liao, Yinghao Yuchi, Zhongao Ding, Bota Baheti, Gaohua Chang, Zhenxing Mao, Wenqian Huo, Jian Hou, Chongjian Wang

Open Access 04-09-2022

Changes in older people’s quality of life in the COVID-19 era: a population-based study in Finland
Sini Siltanen, Katja Ilmarinen, Minna-Liisa Luoma, Suvi Leppäaho, Sari Kehusmaa


Testing the added value of self-reported health and well-being in understanding healthcare utilization and costs
Tasha Straszewski, Colleen A. Ross, Carley Riley, Brita Roy, Matthew C. Stiefel


Cancer-related fatigue mediates the relationships between physical fitness and attendance and quality of life after participation in a clinical exercise program for survivors of cancer
Ryan J. Marker, Danielle M. Ostendorf, Heather J. Leach, John C. Peters


Baseline health-related quality of life predicts falls: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Jennifer C. Davis, Chun Liang Hsu, Cheyenne Ghag, Samantha Y. Starkey, Patrizio Jacova, Larry Dian, Naaz Parmar, Kenneth Madden, Teresa Liu-Ambrose


The impact of Hunner lesion-type interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome on health-related quality of life and the effects of transurethral ablation
Kwang Jin Ko, Jihyun Lim, Jiwoong Yu, Danbee Kang, Juhee Cho, Kyu-Sung Lee


Functional and psychosocial impact of COVID-19 pandemic on rheumatic patients’ quality of life in Saudi Arabia
Lena M. Hassen, Rana A. Albarrak, Reem A. Albahlal, Dimah K. Alsaqabi, Ikhlass M. Hassen, Maha H. Daghestani, Eman M. Alqurtas, Abdulaziz T. Alkhalaf, Mohammed K. Bedaiwi, Mohammed A. Omair, Ibrahim A. Almaghlouth

Open Access 16-07-2022

Predictors of health-related quality of life in Parkinson’s disease: the impact of overlap between health-related quality of life and clinical measures
Itsasne Sanchez-Luengos, Olaia Lucas-Jiménez, Natalia Ojeda, Javier Peña, Juan Carlos Gómez-Esteban, María Ángeles Gómez-Beldarrain, Raquel Vázquez-Picón, Nerea Foncea-Beti, Naroa Ibarretxe-Bilbao

Open Access 18-08-2022

Neurocognitive impairment and patient–proxy agreement on health-related quality of life evaluations in recurrent high-grade glioma patients
Ivan Caramanna, Martin Klein, Martin van den Bent, Ahmed Idbaih, Wolfgang Wick, Martin J. B. Taphoorn, Linda Dirven, Andrew Bottomley, Jaap C. Reijneveld

Open Access 27-05-2022

Feasibility and validity of the EQ-5D-3L in the elderly Europeans: a secondary data analysis using SHARE(d) data
Ines Buchholz, Ole Marten, Mathieu F. Janssen

Open Access 07-07-2022

Estimating the impact of changes in weight and BMI on EQ-5D-3L: a longitudinal analysis of a behavioural group-based weight loss intervention
Penny Breeze, Laura A. Gray, Chloe Thomas, Sarah E. Bates, Alan Brennan


Establishing the minimal clinically important difference of the EQ-5D-3L in older adults with a history of falls
Deborah A. Jehu, Jennifer C. Davis, Kenneth Madden, Naaz Parmar, Teresa Liu-Ambrose

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