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Quality of Life Research 11/2021
Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 11/2021

Special Section: Feedback Tools


Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

11-10-2021 | Editorial

Using feedback tools to enhance the quality and experience of care
Jan R. Boehnke, Claudia Rutherford

Open Access 10-07-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Using an implementation science approach to implement and evaluate patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) initiatives in routine care settings
Angela M. Stover, Lotte Haverman, Hedy A. van Oers, Joanne Greenhalgh, Caroline M. Potter, On behalf of the ISOQOL PROMs/PREMs in Clinical Practice Implementation Science Work Group

Open Access 02-09-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Prospective application of implementation science theories and frameworks to inform use of PROMs in routine clinical care within an integrated pain network
Sara Ahmed, Diana Zidarov, Owis Eilayyan, Regina Visca

Open Access 15-08-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

A retrospective assessment of the KLIK PROM portal implementation using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR)
Hedy A. van Oers, Lorynn Teela, Sasja A. Schepers, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Lotte Haverman, the ISOQOL PROMs and PREMs in Clinical Practice Implementation Science Group

Open Access 21-10-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

The utility of the implementation science framework “Integrated Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services” (i-PARIHS) and the facilitator role for introducing patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in a medical oncology outpatient department
Natasha A. Roberts, Monika Janda, Angela M. Stover, Kimberly E. Alexander, David Wyld, Alison Mudge, the ISOQOL PROMs/PREMs in Clinical Practice Implementation Science Work Group

26-07-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Using implementation science to inform the integration of electronic patient-reported experience measures (ePREMs) into healthcare quality improvement: description of a theory-based application in primary care
Kimberly Manalili, Maria J. Santana, ISOQOL PROMs/PREMs in clinical practice implementation science work group

Open Access 16-02-2021 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Continuous quality improvement in measure development: Lessons from building a novel clinical feedback system
Samuel S. Nordberg, Andrew A. McAleavey, Christian Moltu

Open Access 13-04-2021 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Initial quantitative development of the Norse Feedback system: a novel clinical feedback system for routine mental healthcare
Andrew A. McAleavey, Samuel S. Nordberg, Christian Moltu

Open Access 15-06-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Complexity and potentials of clinical feedback in mental health: an in-depth study of patient processes
Stig Magne Solstad, Gøril Solberg Kleiven, Christian Moltu

02-01-2021 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Smartphone App for monitoring Asthma in children and adolescents
K. Mayoral, O. Garin, M. A. Caballero-Rabasco, M. Praena-Crespo, A. Bercedo, G. Hernandez, J. Castillo, C. Lizano Barrantes, Y. Pardo, M. Ferrer, ARCA group

Open Access 25-05-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Standardized assessment, information, and networking technologies (SAINTs): lessons from three decades of development and testing
John H. Wasson

Open Access 29-11-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

First steps in PROMs and PREMs collection in Wales as part of the prudent and value-based healthcare agenda
Kathleen Withers, Robert Palmer, Sally Lewis, Grace Carolan-Rees

Open Access 19-06-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Translating clinical and patient-reported data to tailored shared decision reports with predictive analytics for knee and hip arthritis
Patricia D. Franklin, Hua Zheng, Christina Bond, Danielle C. Lavallee

Open Access 22-11-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

ESMvis: a tool for visualizing individual Experience Sampling Method (ESM) data
Laura F. Bringmann, Date C. van der Veen, Marieke Wichers, Harriëtte Riese, Gert Stulp

09-09-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Utilizing open-source platforms to build and deploy interactive patient-reported quality of life tracking tools for monitoring protocol adherence
Michael A. Golafshar, Molly Petersen, Carlos E. Vargas, N. Jewel Samadder, Katie L. Kunze, Nicole McCormick, Shelby A. Watkin, Diana Maleyeva, Tiffany W. Cheng, Manuel Vargas, Todd A. DeWees

18-06-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Development and usability of a feedback tool, “My Personal Brain Health Dashboard”, to improve setting of self-management goals among people living with HIV in Canada
Maryam Mozafarinia, Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Marie-Josee Brouillette, Lesley K. Fellows, Nancy E. Mayo

28-02-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Racial differences in user experiences and perceived value of electronic symptom monitoring in a cohort of black and white bladder and prostate cancer patients
Cleo A. Samuel, Angela B. Smith, Wendi Elkins, Jennifer Richmond, Zahra Mahbooba, Ethan Basch, Antonia V. Bennett, Arlene E. Chung, Mattias Jonsson, Ronald C. Chen, Bryce B. Reeve

Open Access 13-06-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Patient experiences of an electronic PRO tailored feedback system for symptom management following upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery
H. S. Richards, A. Portal, K. Absolom, J. M. Blazeby, G. Velikova, K. N. L. Avery

Open Access 14-10-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Feasibility of implementing a text-based symptom-monitoring program of endometrial, ovarian, and breast cancer patients during treatment
Michelle J. Naughton, Ritu Salani, Juan Peng, Maryam Lustberg, Cecilia DeGraffinreid, Jennifer Moon, Hibaq Loyan, Chloe M. Beverly Hery, Electra D. Paskett

02-01-2021 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Feasibility of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) assessment for cancer patients using electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) in daily clinical practice
Guillaume Mouillet, Antoine Falcoz, Joëlle Fritzsch, Hamadi Almotlak, Pascale Jacoulet, Xavier Pivot, Cristian Villanueva, Laura Mansi, Stefano Kim, Elsa Curtit, Nathalie Meneveau, Olivier Adotevi, Marine Jary, Guillaume Eberst, Angelique Vienot, Fabien Calcagno, Astrid Pozet, Oumelkheir Djoumakh, Christophe Borg, Virginie Westeel, Amélie Anota, Sophie Paget-Bailly

Open Access 28-05-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Clinicians’ perspective on the implemented KLIK PROM portal in clinical practice
Lorynn Teela, Maud M. van Muilekom, Lieke H. Kooij, Anouk W. Gathier, Johannes B. van Goudoever, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Lotte Haverman, Hedy A. van Oers

Open Access 29-11-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

GPs’ views on the use of depression screening and GP-targeted feedback: a qualitative study
Lea-Elena Braunschneider, Marco Lehmann, Julia Luise Magaard, Tharanya Seeralan, Gabriella Marx, Marion Eisele, Martin Scherer, Bernd Löwe, Sebastian Kohlmann

Open Access 21-10-2020 | Special Section: Feedback Tools

Why do patients go off track? Examining potential influencing factors for being at risk of psychotherapy treatment failure
Viola N. L. S. Schilling, Dirk Zimmermann, Julian A. Rubel, Kaitlyn S. Boyle, Wolfgang Lutz