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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 11/2016

Uitgave 11/2016

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13-07-2016 | Review | Uitgave 11/2016

A review of empirical research related to the use of small quantitative samples in clinical outcome scale development

Carrie R. Houts, Michael C. Edwards, R. J. Wirth, Linda S. Deal

29-07-2016 | Review | Uitgave 11/2016

EQ-5D in Central and Eastern Europe: 2000–2015

Fanni Rencz, László Gulácsi, Michael Drummond, Dominik Golicki, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, Judit Simon, Elly A. Stolk, Valentin Brodszky, Petra Baji, Jakub Závada, Guenka Petrova, Alexandru Rotar, Márta Péntek

20-06-2016 | Review | Uitgave 11/2016

The health-related quality of life of ankylosing spondylitis patients assessed by SF-36: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Xiao Yang, Dazhi Fan, Qing Xia, Mengmeng Wang, Xu Zhang, Xiaona Li, Guoqi Cai, Li Wang, Lihong Xin, Shengqian Xu, Faming Pan

03-09-2016 | Review | Uitgave 11/2016

Interventions that improve health-related quality of life in patients with myocardial infarction

Kyoungrim Kang, Leila Gholizadeh, Sally C. Inglis, Hae-Ra Han

03-06-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Health-related quality of life in patients with psoriasis: a systematic review of the European literature

Montse Obradors, Carles Blanch, Marta Comellas, Montse Figueras, Luis Lizan

28-04-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Individualized quality of life of severely affected multiple sclerosis patients: practicability and value in comparison with standard inventories

A. M. Giovannetti, E. Pietrolongo, A. Giordano, V. Cimino, A. Campanella, G. Morone, A. Fusco, A. Lugaresi, P. Confalonieri, F. Patti, M. G. Grasso, M. Ponzio, S. Veronese, A. Solari

08-06-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Exploring the individual patterns of spiritual well-being in people newly diagnosed with advanced cancer: a cluster analysis

Mei Bai, Jane Dixon, Anna-leila Williams, Sangchoon Jeon, Mark Lazenby, Ruth McCorkle

20-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Using the ICF’s environmental factors framework to develop an item bank measuring built and natural environmental features affecting persons with disabilities

Allen W. Heinemann, Jin-Shei Lai, Alex Wong, Jessica Dashner, Susan Magasi, Elizabeth A. Hahn, Noelle E. Carlozzi, David S. Tulsky, Sara Jerousek, Patrick Semik, Ana Miskovic, David B. Gray

18-06-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

International SF-36 reference values in patients with ischemic heart disease

Alexandra Huber, Neil Oldridge, Stefan Höfer

13-08-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

Measuring health-related quality of life in patients with conservatively managed stage 5 chronic kidney disease: limitations of the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36: SF-36

Gilli Erez, Lucy Selman, Fliss E. M. Murtagh

30-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Reliability and validity of PROMIS measures administered by telephone interview in a longitudinal localized prostate cancer study

Caroleen W. Quach, Michelle M. Langer, Ronald C. Chen, David Thissen, Deborah S. Usinger, Marc A. Emerson, Bryce B. Reeve

23-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Adaptation and validation of the “tolerability and quality of life” (TOOL) questionnaire in Chinese bipolar patients

Lin Xiao, Yulin Gao, Lili Zhang, Peiyun Chen, Xiaojia Sun, Siyuan Tang

23-06-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

The development and acceptability of symptom management quality improvement reports based on patient-reported data: an overview of methods used in PROSSES

Alyssa Troeschel, Tenbroeck Smith, Kathleen Castro, Katherine Treiman, Joseph Lipscomb, Ryan M. McCabe, Steven Clauser, Eliot L. Friedman, Patricia D. Hegedus, Kenneth Portier

06-06-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Patient-reported outcomes and surgical triage: A gap in patient-centered care?

R. Trafford Crump, Guiping Liu, Mark Chase, Jason M. Sutherland

09-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Phenotypic and molecular characteristics associated with various domains of quality of life in oncology patients and their family caregivers

Kimberly E. Alexander, Bruce A. Cooper, Steven M. Paul, Patsy Yates, Bradley E. Aouizerat, Christine Miaskowski

21-04-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

The association between health literacy and self-management abilities in adults aged 75 and older, and its moderators

Bas Geboers, Andrea F. de Winter, Sophie L. W. Spoorenberg, Klaske Wynia, Sijmen A. Reijneveld

20-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

The benefits of personal strengths in mental health of stressed students: A longitudinal investigation

Wenjie Duan

02-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

The joint association of self-rated health and diabetes status on 14-year mortality in elderly men and women

R. Dankner, L. Olmer, G. Kaplan, A. Chetrit

20-04-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Individuals’ quality of life linked to major life events, perceived social support, and personality traits

Cornelia Pocnet, Jean-Philippe Antonietti, Marie-Pierre F. Strippoli, Jennifer Glaus, Martin Preisig, Jérôme Rossier

06-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Prospective associations of objectively assessed physical activity at different intensities with subjective well-being in older adults

Po-Wen Ku, Kenneth R. Fox, Yung Liao, Wen-Jung Sun, Li-Jung Chen

17-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Food preferences, personality and parental rearing styles: analysis of factors influencing health of left-behind children

Sha Tao, Lina Yu, Wanlin Gao, Wentong Xue

28-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Factors associated with quality of life of caregivers of Mexican cancer patients

Svetlana V. Doubova, Claudia Infante-Castañeda

31-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Coping, uncertainty and health-related quality of life as determinants of anxiety and depression on a sample of hospitalized cardiac patients in Southern Italy

Maria Daniela Giammanco, Lara Gitto

14-06-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016

Main predictors in health-related quality of life in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Eric Y. F. Wan, Colman S. C. Fung, Edmond P. H. Choi, Carlos K. H. Wong, Anca K. C. Chan, Karina H. Y. Chan, Cindy L. K. Lam

31-05-2016 | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

Phenylketonuria patients’ and their parents’ acceptance of the disease: multi-centre study

Ewa Witalis, Bożena Mikoluc, Radoslaw Motkowski, Justyna Szyszko, Agnieszka Chrobot, Bozena Didycz, Agata Lange, Renata Mozrzymas, Andrzej Milanowski, Maria Nowacka, Mariola Piotrowska-Depta, Hanna Romanowska, Ewa Starostecka, Jolanta Wierzba, Magdalena Skorniewska, Barbara Iwona Wojcicka-Bartlomiejczyk, Maria Gizewska, Polish Society of Phenylketonuria

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