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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 10/2016

Inhoudsopgave (26 Artikelen)

New measures to capture end of life concerns in Huntington disease: Meaning and Purpose and Concern with Death and Dying from HDQLIFE (a patient-reported outcomes measurement system)

N. E. Carlozzi, N. R. Downing, M. K. McCormack, S. G. Schilling, J. S. Perlmutter, E. A. Hahn, J. -S. Lai, S. Frank, K. A. Quaid, J. S. Paulsen, D. Cella, S. M. Goodnight, J. A. Miner, M. A. Nance

HDQLIFE: the development of two new computer adaptive tests for use in Huntington disease, Speech Difficulties, and Swallowing Difficulties

N. E. Carlozzi, S. G. Schilling, J.-S. Lai, J. S. Perlmutter, M. A. Nance, J. F. Waljee, J. A. Miner, S. K. Barton, S. M. Goodnight, P. Dayalu

The development of a new computer adaptive test to evaluate chorea in Huntington disease: HDQLIFE Chorea

N. E. Carlozzi, N. R. Downing, S. G. Schilling, J.-S. Lai, S. M. Goodnight, J. A. Miner, S. A. Frank

HDQLIFE: development and assessment of health-related quality of life in Huntington disease (HD)

N. E. Carlozzi, S. G. Schilling, J.-S. Lai, J. S. Paulsen, E. A. Hahn, J. S. Perlmutter, C. A. Ross, N. R. Downing, A. L. Kratz, M. K. McCormack, M. A. Nance, K. A. Quaid, J. C. Stout, R. C. Gershon, R. E. Ready, J. A. Miner, S. K. Barton, S. L. Perlman, S. M. Rao, S. Frank, I. Shoulson, H. Marin, M. D. Geschwind, P. Dayalu, S. M. Goodnight, D. Cella


The patient-reported outcome content of international ovarian cancer randomised controlled trial protocols

Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber, Michael Friedlander, Peey-Sei Kok, Melanie Calvert, Derek Kyte, Martin Stockler, Madeleine T. King

Minimal clinically important differences in the EORTC QLQ-BM22 and EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL modules in patients with bone metastases undergoing palliative radiotherapy

Srinivas Raman, Keyue Ding, Edward Chow, Ralph M. Meyer, Abdenour Nabid, Pierre Chabot, Genevieve Coulombe, Shahida Ahmed, Joda Kuk, A. Rashid Dar, Aamer Mahmud, Alysa Fairchild, Carolyn F. Wilson, Jackson S. Y. Wu, Kristopher Dennis, Carlo DeAngelis, Rebecca K. S. Wong, Liting Zhu, Michael Brundage

Brief Communication

Testing the measurement invariance of the University of Washington Self-Efficacy Scale short form across four diagnostic subgroups

Hyewon Chung, Jiseon Kim, Ryoungsun Park, Alyssa M. Bamer, Fraser D. Bocell, Dagmar Amtmann

Brief Communication

Rasch analysis of the Personal Wellbeing Index

RoseAnne Misajon, Julie Pallant, Ana-Maria Bliuc

Brief Communication

The Swedish SCOPA-SLEEP for assessment of sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease and healthy controls

Peter Hagell, Albert Westergren, Shorena Janelidze, Oskar Hansson

Predictors of health-related quality of life in people with a complex chronic disease including multimorbidity: a longitudinal cohort study

Zephanie Tyack, Kerrie-anne Frakes, Adrian Barnett, Petrea Cornwell, Suzanne Kuys, Steven McPhail

Eating disorder features and quality of life: Does gender matter?

Allison F. Wagner, Emily C. Stefano, David C. Cicero, Janet D. Latner, Jonathan M. Mond

The relative impact of chronic conditions and multimorbidity on health-related quality of life in Ontario long-stay home care clients

Luke Mondor, Colleen J. Maxwell, Susan E. Bronskill, Andrea Gruneir, Walter P. Wodchis

Open Access

Comprehending the impact of low vision on the lives of children and adolescents: a qualitative approach

Linda Rainey, Ellen Bernadette Maria Elsman, Ruth Marie Antoinette van Nispen, Lisette Michelle van Leeuwen, Gerardus Hermanus Maria Bartholomeus van Rens

Brief Communication

Change in health-related quality of life over 1 month in cancer patients with high initial levels of symptoms and problems

Charlotte Lund Rasmussen, Anna Thit Johnsen, Morten Aagaard Petersen, Mogens Groenvold

Open Access Brief Communication

Association of physical fitness with health-related quality of life in early postmenopause

N. Moratalla-Cecilia, A. Soriano-Maldonado, P. Ruiz-Cabello, M. M. Fernández, E. Gregorio-Arenas, P. Aranda, V. A. Aparicio


Erratum to: QLU-C10D: a health state classification system for a multi-attribute utility measure based on the EORTC QLQ-C30

M. T. King, D. S. J. Costa, N. K. Aaronson, J. E. Brazier, D. F. Cella, P. M. Fayers, P. Grimison, M. Janda, G. Kemmler, R. Norman, A. S. Pickard, D. Rowen, G. Velikova, T. A. Young, R. Viney