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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 1/2023

Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

The use of respiratory muscle training in patients with pulmonary dysfunction, internal diseases or central nervous system disorders: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Luisa Cacciante, Andrea Turolla, Giorgia Pregnolato, Sara Federico, Francesca Baldan, Anna Rutkowska, Sebastian Rutkowski

Open Access Review

Ankle fractures: a systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures and their measurement properties

Michael Quan Nguyen, Ingvild Dalen, Marjolein Memelink Iversen, Knut Harboe, Aksel Paulsen

Open Access

Health-related quality of life of children born very preterm: a multinational European cohort study

Sung Wook Kim, Lazaros Andronis, Anna-Veera Seppänen, Adrien M. Aubert, Henrique Barros, Elizabeth S. Draper, Mariane Sentenac, Jennifer Zeitlin, Stavros Petrou, J. Lebeer, P. Van Reempts, E. Bruneel, E. Cloet, A. Oostra, E. Ortibus, I. Sarrechia, K. Boerch, P. Pedersen, L. Toome, H. Varendi, M. Männamaa, P. Y. Ancel, A. Burguet, P. H. Jarreau, V. Pierrat, P. Truffert, R. F. Maier, M. Zemlin, B. Misselwitz, L. Wohlers, M. Cuttini, I. Croci, V. Carnielli, G. Ancora, G. Faldella, F. Ferrari, A. van Heijst, C. Koopman-Esseboom, J. Gadzinowski, J. Mazela, A. Montgomery, T. Pikuła, H. Barros, R. Costa, C. Rodrigues, U. Aden, E. S. Draper, A. Fenton, S. J. Johnson, S. Mader, N. Thiele, J. M. Pfeil, S. Petrou, S. W. Kim, L. Andronis, J. Zeitlin, A. M. Aubert, C. Bonnet, R. El Rafei, A. V. Seppänen

The association between health-related quality of life, self-reported characteristics and 1- and 3-year mortality amongst cardiac patients with and without type 2 diabetes

Maria Olesen Brylle, Trine Bernholdt Rasmussen, Rikke Mols, Lars Thrysoee, Kirstine Nørregaard Hansen, Axel Diederichsen, Anne Vinggaard Christensen, Ola Ekholm, Charlotte Brun Thorup, Selina Kikkenborg Berg, Britt Borregaard

Open Access

Sex differences in quality of life of patients following percutaneous coronary intervention in Vietnam

Hoa Vu, Richard Norman, Ngoc M. Pham, Hoai T. T. Nguyen, Hung M. Pham, Quang N. Nguyen, Loi D. Do, Christopher M. Reid

Quality of life among community-dwelling older adults: evidence from a large population-based study in rural Sri Lanka

Nuwan Darshana Wickramasinghe, Himali Erandathie Ratnayake, Rasika Amali Perera, Suneth Buddhika Agampodi

Moving towards patient-reported outcomes in routine clinical practice: implementation lessons from the BREAST-Q

Jonas A. Nelson, Jacqueline J. Chu, Stefan Dabic, Elizabeth O. Kenworthy, Meghana G. Shamsunder, Colleen M. McCarthy, Babak J. Mehrara, Andrea L. Pusic

Open Access

Stages of lipoedema: experiences of physical and mental health and health care

Chantelle Clarke, James N. Kirby, Tilly Smidt, Talitha Best

One-year follow-up of depression, anxiety, and quality of life of Peruvian patients who survived COVID-19

Jeff Huarcaya-Victoria, Christoper A. Alarcon-Ruiz, William Barzola-Farfán, Claudia Cruzalegui-Bazán, Michaell Cabrejos-Espinoza, Gabriela Aspilcueta-Montoya, Feleydi Cornero-Quispe, Javier Salazar-Bellido, Beltrán Villarreal

The impact of stigma on engaged living and life satisfaction among people with mental illness in Hong Kong

Charles Chiu Hung Yip, Winnie Tsz Wa Fung, Donald Chi Kin Leung, Kevin Ka Shing Chan

Open Access

Brain, cognitive, and physical disability correlates of decreased quality of life in patients with Huntington’s disease

Estefanía Junca, Mariana Pino, Hernando Santamaría-García, Sandra Baez

Patient-reported tolerability of adjuvant ipilimumab (3 or 10 mg/kg) versus high-dose interferon alfa-2b for resected high-risk stage III–IV melanoma in phase III trial E1609

Laurie E. McLouth, Yue Zheng, Stephanie Smith, F. Stephen Hodi, Uma N. Rao, Gary I. Cohen, Thomas T. Amatruda, Shaker R. Dakhil, Brendan D. Curti, Ibrahim Nakhoul, Sreenivasa R. Chandana, Charles L. Bane, David E. Marinier, Sandra J. Lee, Vernon K. Sondak, John M. Kirkwood, Ahmad A. Tarhini, Lynne I. Wagner

Open Access

Quality-adjusted life years among people who inject drugs in a needle syringe program in Sweden

Martin Kåberg, Sofie Larsson, Jakob Bergström, Anders Hammarberg

Open Access

A qualitative study to explore the symptoms and impacts of Crohn’s disease and to develop the Crohn’s Disease Diary

Rebecca Williams-Hall, Claire Trennery, Kate Sully, Samantha Wratten, Anya Francis, Dale Chandler, Jessica Flynn, Megan Turner, Daniel J. B. Marks, Alfred Sackeyfio, Marguerite Bracher, Alex Walker, Louise Walker-Nthenda, Rob Arbuckle, Tom Keeley

Open Access

Psychometric properties of kidney disease quality of life-36 (KDQOL-36) in dialysis patients in Indonesia

M. Rifqi Rokhman, Yulia Wardhani, Dwi Lestari Partiningrum, Barkah Djaka Purwanto, Ika Ratna Hidayati, Arofa Idha, Jarir At Thobari, Maarten J. Postma, Cornelis Boersma, Jurjen van der Schans

Periodontitis assessed with a new screening tool and oral health-related quality of life: cross-sectional findings among general-population adults

Lauranne Jaumet, Zeineb Hamdi, Chantal Julia, Serge Hercberg, Mathilde Touvier, Philippe Bouchard, Maria Clotilde Carra, Valentina A. Andreeva

The psychometric properties of a caregiving-related strain scale in oncology

Margaret L. Longacre, Melissa F. Miller, Carolyn Y. Fang