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Quality of Life Research 1/2017
Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 1/2017


Inhoudsopgave (27 Artikelen)

24-10-2016 | Review

Assessment of the construct validity and responsiveness of preference-based quality of life measures in people with Parkinson’s: a systematic review
Yiqiao Xin, Emma McIntosh


Age- and gender-specific associations between insomnia and falls in Boston Puerto Rican adults
Yuan Zhang, Manuel Cifuentes, Xiang Gao, Gina Amaral, Katherine L. Tucker


Relationship between physician-judged functioning level and self-reported disabilities in elderly people with locomotive disorders
Tsutomu Iwaya, Tokuhide Doi, Atsushi Seichi, Yuichi Hoshino, Toru Ogata, Masami Akai


Quality of life in aphasic patients 1 year after a first stroke
Michèle Koleck, Kamel Gana, Claire Lucot, Bénédicte Darrigrand, Jean-Michel Mazaux, Bertrand Glize

Open Access 21-07-2016

Quality of life in patients with a permanent stoma after rectal cancer surgery
Pia Näsvall, Ursula Dahlstrand, Thyra Löwenmark, Jörgen Rutegård, Ulf Gunnarsson, Karin Strigård


Evaluation and reporting of quality of life outcomes in phase III chemotherapy trials for poor prognosis malignancies
M. E. Hamaker, K. J. Schulkes, D. ten Bokkel Huinink, B. C. van Munster, L. H. van Huis, F. van den Bos


Match between culture and social support: Acculturation moderates the relationship between social support and well-being of Chinese American breast cancer survivors
Celia C. Y. Wong, Qian Lu


Longitudinal patterns of pain in patients with diffuse and limited systemic sclerosis: integrating medical, psychological, and social characteristics
Erin L. Merz, Vanessa L. Malcarne, Scott C. Roesch, Deepthi K. Nair, Gloria Salazar, Shervin Assassi, Maureen D. Mayes

Open Access 27-07-2016

HRQoL impact of stressful life events in children beginning primary school: results of a prospective study in Poland
Maria Kaczmarek, Sylwia Trambacz-Oleszak


Quality of life among working and non-working adolescents
Janessa M. Graves, Jessica L. Mackelprang, Celestina Barbosa-Leiker, Mary E. Miller, Angel Y. Li

20-07-2016 | Brief Communication

Sustained quality of life improvement after intracoronary injection of autologous bone marrow cells in the setting of acute myocardial infarction: results from the BONAMI trial
Guillaume Lamirault, Elodie de Bock, Véronique Sébille, Béatrice Delasalle, Jérôme Roncalli, Sophie Susen, Christophe Piot, Jean-Noël Trochu, Emmanuel Teiger, Yannick Neuder, Thierry Le Tourneau, Alain Manrique, Jean-Benoît Hardouin, Patricia Lemarchand


The perceived constraints subscale of the Sense of Mastery Scale: dimensionality and measurement invariance
Jocelyne Clench-Aas, Ragnhild Bang Nes, Leif Edvard Aarø


Do measures of depressive symptoms function differently in people with spinal cord injury versus primary care patients: the CES-D, PHQ-9, and PROMIS®-D
Karon F. Cook, Michael A. Kallen, Charles Bombardier, Alyssa M. Bamer, Seung W. Choi, Jiseon Kim, Rana Salem, Dagmar Amtmann


Measuring chronic condition self-management in an Australian community: factor structure of the revised Partners in Health (PIH) scale
David Smith, Peter Harvey, Sharon Lawn, Melanie Harris, Malcolm Battersby

Open Access 09-08-2016

Responsiveness and minimal important change for the ProFitMap-neck questionnaire and the Neck Disability Index in women with neck–shoulder pain
Martin Björklund, Birgitta Wiitavaara, Marina Heiden

11-11-2016 | Brief Communication

Exploring measurement invariance by gender in the profile of mood states depression subscale among cancer survivors
Jihye Kim, Tenbroeck Smith

Open Access 02-09-2016 | Brief Communication

Dutch normative data and psychometric properties for the Distress Thermometer for Parents
Hedy A. van Oers, Sasja A. Schepers, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Lotte Haverman

10-09-2016 | Brief Communication

Reliability, validity and responsiveness of the Greek MacDQoL individualized measure of the impact of macular degeneration on quality of life
Theodoros P. Marakis, Chrysanthi Koutsandrea, Klio I. Chatzistefanou, Yannis Tountas

14-07-2016 | Brief Communication

Transcultural adaptation and validation of the Mexican version of the kidney disease questionnaire KDQOL-SF36 version 1.3
Edgar Dehesa-López, Ricardo Correa-Rotter, David Olvera-Castillo, Carlos González-Parra, Rafael Baizabal-Olarte, Roberto Orozco-Vega

23-05-2016 | Brief Communication

Validation study of a Chinese version of Partners in Health in Hong Kong (C-PIH HK)
Teresa Mei Lee Chiu, Katharine Tai Wo Tam, Choi Fong Siu, Phyllis Wai Ping Chau, Malcolm Battersby

02-06-2016 | Brief Communication

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Social Comfort Questionnaire for Brazilian adult survivors of burns
N. O. Freitas, C. G. Forero, J. Alonso, M. P. Caltran, R. A. S. Dantas, J. A. Farina Jr., L. A. Rossi

23-06-2016 | Brief Communication

Development of a French version of the Endometriosis Health Profile 5 (EHP-5): cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric evaluation
Arnaud Fauconnier, Cyrille Huchon, Laura Chaillou, Gabrielle Aubry, Frederique Renouvel, Pierre Panel

27-06-2016 | Brief Communication

Validity and reliability of the Malay version multidimensional scale of perceived social support (MSPSS-M) among teachers
Soo Cheng Lee, Foong Ming Moy, Noran Naqiah Hairi

27-06-2016 | Brief Communication

Assessing psychological flexibility in patients with chronic pain: the Korean adaptation of the Brief Pain Response Inventory
KyungHun Han, DoWan Kim, Sungkun Cho

Open Access 26-09-2016 | Brief Communication

Development of a short form of the Spanish schedule of attitudes toward hastened death in a palliative care population
Cristina Monforte-Royo, Luis González-de Paz, Joaquín Tomás-Sábado, Barry Rosenfeld, Julia Strupp, Raymond Voltz, Albert Balaguer

15-11-2016 | Erratum

Erratum to: Development of a short form of the Spanish schedule of attitudes toward hastened death in a palliative care population
Cristina Monforte-Royo, Luis González-de Paz, Joaquín Tomás-Sábado, Barry Rosenfeld, Julia Strupp, Raymond Voltz, Albert Balaguer

25-11-2016 | Erratum

Erratum to: Associations between adult attachment and: oral health-related quality of life, oral health behaviour, and self-rated oral health
Pamela Meredith, Jenny Strong, Pauline Ford, Grace Branjerdporn