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Psychotherapy is a patchwork of different methods and schools. For established therapists and young trainees alike, it can be a challenge to see the wood for the trees, let alone to choose between the specialized schools of therapy. Most books on this subject tend to be either very scientific and rather boring to read, or they have been written from a particular perspective, usually promoting some form of psychotherapy whilst neglecting or criticizing other approaches. Therefore, the authors offer a well-balanced overview of the field of psychotherapy in a very accessible way for a broad public.

Psychotherapy: A Critical Guide, will pilot the reader through the confusing landscape of modern psychotherapy. A critical overview of the various therapy schools is given, covering their:

origins and development: historical roots, influential contributors, and important theoretical developments;theory: general concepts and explanations of human problems (disorders);therapy: treatment process and techniques;consideration: critical appraisal of strengths and weaknesses.

Through this systematic approach, the reader is able to get to grips with and compare the various forms of psychotherapy. Furthermore, the book is full of lively quotes and stimulating comments. In brief, Psychotherapy offers a useful and critical overview to anyone who wants to explore the world of psychotherapy beyond the surface.

This book is a translation of 'Psychotherapie, van theorie tot praktijk', ISBN 9789031375158.



1. Variations on a Theme: What is ‘Real’ Psychotherapy?

What exists now is what will be,
R. van Deth

2. Unconscious Scenarios: Psychodynamic Therapy

R. van Deth

3. In Contact With Yourself: Client-centered Therapy

R. van Deth

4. Learning by Doing: Behavior Therapy

R. van Deth

5. Thinking Differently: Cognitive Therapy

R. van Deth

6. Joy and Sorrow Together: Systems Therapy

R. van Deth

7. Tailored Therapy: What do we Measure and What do we Know?

Psychotherapy has become a well-established fact. As an art it has made great strides;
R. van Deth

8. Pitfalls and Safety Nets: In Good Hands?

Just as the surgeon first must learn all about the operations which he is to perform and as the physician must know the toxic action of all drugs which he employs, so must the psychotherapist be well informed as to the numerous precautions which the practice of his branch entails.
R. van Deth


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