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Psychological Research

Psychological Research 8/2019

Uitgave 8/2019

Inhoudsopgave ( 19 Artikelen )

12-06-2018 | Review | Uitgave 8/2019 Open Access

Olfactory perception and blindness: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Agnieszka Sorokowska, Piotr Sorokowski, Maciej Karwowski, Maria Larsson, Thomas Hummel

24-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Interaction dynamics between grouping principles in touch: phenomenological and psychophysical evidence

Antonio Prieto, Julia Mayas, Soledad Ballesteros

17-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Cross-modal decoupling in temporal attention between audition and touch

Stefanie Mühlberg, Salvador Soto-Faraco

19-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Audiomotor integration of angry and happy prosodies

Sélim Yahia Coll, Sascha Frühholz, Didier Grandjean

29-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Gestalt grouping cues can improve filtering performance in visual working memory

Ayala S. Allon, Gili Vixman, Roy Luria

02-07-2018 | Correction | Uitgave 8/2019

Correction to: Gestalt grouping cues can improve filtering performance in visual working memory

Ayala S. Allon, Gili Vixman, Roy Luria

23-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Starting or finishing sooner? Sequencing preferences in object transfer tasks

Lisa R. Fournier, Alexandra M. Stubblefield, Brian P. Dyre, David A. Rosenbaum

16-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Task-set control, chunking, and hierarchical timing in rhythm production

Lars D. Hestermann, Johan Wagemans, Ralf T. Krampe

25-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Increased cognitive control after task conflict? Investigating the N-3 effect in task switching

Stefanie Schuch, James A. Grange

20-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Conflict modification: predictable production of congruent situations facilitates responding in a stroop task

Constantin Schmidts, Anna Foerster, Wilfried Kunde

14-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

How different direct association routes influence the indirect route in the same Simon-like task

Chunming Luo, Robert W. Proctor

11-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019 Open Access

Cognitive flexibility and religious disbelief

Leor Zmigrod, P. Jason Rentfrow, Sharon Zmigrod, Trevor W. Robbins

14-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Deep, effortless concentration: re-examining the flow concept and exploring relations with inattention, absorption, and personality

Jeremy Marty-Dugas, Daniel Smilek

26-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

The attentional blink: why does Lag-1 sparing occur when the dependent measure is accuracy, but Lag-1 deficit when it is RT?

Hayley E. P. Lagroix, Vincent Di Lollo, Thomas M. Spalek

24-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Priming by motivationally salient distractors produces hemispheric asymmetries in visual processing

Rashmi Gupta, Jane E. Raymond, Patrik Vuilleumier

21-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

From reading numbers to seeing ratios: a benefit of icons for risk comprehension

Elisabet Tubau, Javier Rodríguez-Ferreiro, Itxaso Barberia, Àngels Colomé

15-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Person information facilitates memory for face identity

Katia Mattarozzi, Valentina Colonnello, Paolo Maria Russo, Alexander Todorov

08-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019 Open Access

Implicit preference towards slim bodies and weight-stigma modulate the understanding of observed familiar actions

Valentina Cazzato, Stergios Makris

30-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 8/2019

Spatial mental representations: the influence of age on route learning from maps and navigation

Veronica Muffato, Chiara Meneghetti, Rossana De Beni

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