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Psychological Research 7/2021
Psychological Research

Uitgave 7/2021


Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)

Open Access 15-09-2020 | Original Article

Virtual reality experiences promote autobiographical retrieval mechanisms: Electrophysiological correlates of laboratory and virtual experiences
Joanna Kisker, Thomas Gruber, Benjamin Schöne

12-09-2020 | Original Article

“Walk this way”: specific contributions of active walking to the encoding of metric properties during spatial learning
Simon Lhuillier, Valérie Gyselinck, Pascale Piolino, Serge Nicolas

29-09-2020 | Original Article

Event-related potentials support the mnemonic effect of spontaneous insight solution
Can Cui, Ke Zhang, Xiu min Du, Xiao Sun, Jing Luo

19-10-2020 | Original Article

Different effects of feedback-induced emotion and material-induced emotion on memory
Wuji Lin, Jingyuan Lin, Zhuoyu Li, Rendan Wei, Xiaoqing Cai, Lei Mo

10-11-2020 | Original Article

What makes creative advertisements memorable? The role of insight
Wangbing Shen, Haiping Bai, Linden J. Ball, Yuan Yuan, Meijiao Wang

12-11-2020 | Original Article

The impact of encoding scenarios on different forms of temporal order memory
Signy Sheldon

30-10-2020 | Original Article

Processing of numerical representation of fingers depends on their location in space
Sébastien Vanstavel, Yann Coello, Sandrine Mejias

Open Access 26-09-2020 | Original Article

Cognitive control in number processing: new evidence from task switching
Andreas Schliephake, J. Bahnmueller, K. Willmes, K. Moeller

Open Access 07-10-2020 | Original Article

Spatial–numerical associations in the presence of an avatar
C. Böffel, C. Herbst, O. Lindemann, J. Müsseler

15-09-2020 | Original Article

Dissociating the freely-moving thought dimension of mind-wandering from the intentionality and task-unrelated thought dimensions
Kevin O’Neill, Anna P. Smith, Daniel Smilek, Paul Seli

06-10-2020 | Original Article

The influence of congruency proportion, target eccentricity, and valence strength on the spatial-valence metaphoric congruency effect in a word valence judgment task
Chi-Shing Tse, Yanli Huang, Taoran Zeng, Yanyun Zhou, Yuen-Lai Chan

09-10-2020 | Original Article

Is the construction of spatial models multimodal? New evidences towards sensory-motor information involvement from temporary blindness study
Elise Grison, Amandine Afonso Jaco

Open Access 26-10-2020 | Original Article

From metacognitive beliefs to strategy selection: does fake performance feedback influence cognitive offloading?
Sandra Grinschgl, Hauke S. Meyerhoff, Stephan Schwan, Frank Papenmeier

Open Access 04-11-2020 | Original Article

Auditory selective attention under working memory load
Rena Bayramova, Enrico Toffalini, Mario Bonato, Massimo Grassi

22-11-2020 | Original Article

Sustained attention and the experience of flow
Jeremy Marty-Dugas, Laura Howes, Daniel Smilek

07-10-2020 | Original Article

Sex differences in hemispheric lateralization of attentional networks
Yu Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Xiaohong Jin, Dun Niu, Linjun Zhang, Sabrina Yanan Jiang, Huada Daniel Ruan, Ghee Wee Ho

Open Access 23-10-2020 | Original Article

In plain sight: implicit priming of patterns and faces using change symmetry
Aleksandar Aksentijevic, Finbar Duffy, Anja Mihailovic, Dragutin T. Mihailovic

19-10-2020 | Original Article

Training away face-type bias: perception and decisions about emotional expression in stereotypically Black faces
Corey J. Bohil, Heather M. Kleider-Offutt, Clay Killingsworth, Ashley M. Meacham

26-09-2020 | Original Article

Do I dislike what you dislike? Investigating the effect of disgust on time processing
Giovanna Mioni, Simon Grondin, Franca Stablum

Open Access 19-11-2020 | Original Article

Emotion and liking: how director emotional expression and knowledge of (dis)liking may impact adults’ ability to follow the instructions of an ignorant speaker
Rebecca L. Monk, Lauren Colbert, Gemma Darker, Jade Cowling, Bethany Jones, Adam W. Qureshi

Open Access 23-11-2020 | Original Article

Metacontrol and joint action: how shared goals transfer from one task to another?
Roman Liepelt, Markus Raab

06-10-2020 | Original Article

Probing the effect of the expected-speed violation illusion
Luca Battaglini, Giovanna Mioni, Clara Casco, Giulio Contemori, Mahiko Konishi

19-10-2020 | Original Article

Temporal productions in a variable environment: timing starts from stimulus identification rather than onset
Jordan Wehrman

Open Access 15-01-2021 | Original Article

The mechanism of filler items in the response time concealed information test
Gáspár Lukács, Ulrich Ansorge

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