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Psychological Research 7/2020
Psychological Research

Uitgave 7/2020


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Open Access 19-04-2019 | Original Article

The dynamics of self-control: within-participant modeling of binary food choices and underlying decision processes as a function of restrained eating
Claudio Georgii, Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Anna Richard, Zoé Van Dyck, Jens Blechert

Open Access 04-05-2019 | Original Article

Measuring approach–avoidance tendencies towards food with touchscreen-based arm movements
Adrian Meule, Anna Richard, Anja Lender, Radomir Dinic, Timo Brockmeyer, Mike Rinck, Jens Blechert

Open Access 03-05-2019 | Original Article

Distraction by deviant sounds: disgusting and neutral words capture attention to the same extent
Fabrice B. R. Parmentier, Isabel Fraga, Alicia Leiva, Pilar Ferré

27-04-2019 | Original Article

The Stroop-matching task as a tool to study the correspondence effect using images of graspable and non-graspable objects
Ariane Leão Caldas, Walter Machado-Pinheiro, Olga Daneyko, Lucia Riggio

29-04-2019 | Original Article

My future is brighter than yours: the positivity bias in episodic future thinking and future self-images
Sinué Salgado, Dorthe Berntsen

02-05-2019 | Original Article

The validity of the online thought-probing procedure of mind wandering is not threatened by variations of probe rate and probe framing
Anna-Lena Schubert, Gidon T. Frischkorn, Jan Rummel

Open Access 16-05-2019 | Original Article

Subjective emotional arousal: an explorative study on the role of gender, age, intensity, emotion regulation difficulties, depression and anxiety symptoms, and meta-emotion
Matthias Deckert, Michaela Schmoeger, Eduard Auff, Ulrike Willinger

Open Access 22-05-2019 | Original Article

Exploring attentional focus of older adult fallers during heightened postural threat
Toby J. Ellmers, Adam J. Cocks, William R. Young

Open Access 10-06-2019 | Original Article

Freezing in response to social threat: a replication
Marret K. Noordewier, Daan T. Scheepers, Leon P. Hilbert

Open Access 11-05-2019 | Original Article

The communicative advantage: how kinematic signaling supports semantic comprehension
James P. Trujillo, Irina Simanova, Harold Bekkering, Asli Özyürek

29-04-2019 | Original Article

Yellow is for safety: perceptual and affective perspectives
Kesong Hu, Eve De Rosa, Adam K. Anderson

09-05-2019 | Original Article

Tonal and textural influences on musical sight-reading
Olivia Podolak Lewandowska, Mark A. Schmuckler

09-05-2019 | Original Article

Multiple processing limitations underlie multitasking costs
Kelvin F. H. Lui, Alan C.-N. Wong

Open Access 08-06-2019 | Original Article

The effect of episodic retrieval on inhibition in task switching: a diffusion model analysis
Agnieszka W. Kowalczyk, James A. Grange

29-05-2019 | Original Article

Does training mental rotation transfer to gains in mathematical competence? Assessment of an at-home visuospatial intervention
Chi-Ngai Cheung, Jenna Y. Sung, Stella F. Lourenco

25-05-2019 | Original Article

What was that object? On the role of identity information in the formation of object files and conscious object perception
Stephanie C. Goodhew

24-04-2019 | Original Article

David and Goliath—size does matter: size modulates feature–response binding of irrelevant features
Tarini Singh, Christian Frings

31-05-2019 | Original Article

Advantage of audition over vision in a perceptual timing task but not in a sensorimotor timing task
Li Gu, Yingyu Huang, Xiang Wu

10-06-2019 | Original Article

A serial-position curve in high-performance darts: The effect of visuomotor calibration on throwing accuracy
Fabian Wunderlich, Herbert Heuer, Philip Furley, Daniel Memmert

10-06-2019 | Original Article

Pointing movements and visuo-spatial working memory in a joint setting: the role of motor inhibition
Divya Bhatia, Pietro Spataro, Ramesh Kumar Mishra, Vincenzo Cestari, Fabrizio Doricchi, Clelia Rossi-Arnaud

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