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Psychological Research 5/2022
Psychological Research

Uitgave 5/2022


Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Open Access 21-09-2021 | Original Article

What matters in making demand-based decisions: Time alone or difficulty too?
Markus Janczyk, Iman Feghhi, David A. Rosenbaum

Open Access 29-08-2021 | Original Article

The role of objective and subjective effort costs in voluntary task choice
Gesine Dreisbach, Vanessa Jurczyk

Open Access 12-08-2021 | Original Article

Pupillometry as a measure of cognitive load in mental rotation tasks with abstract and embodied figures
Robert Bauer, Leonardo Jost, Bianca Günther, Petra Jansen

11-08-2021 | Original Article

Physical fatigue and its effect on road crossing decisions: an examination of the embodied perception perspective
Robyn Sullivan, Arne Nieuwenhuys

21-08-2021 | Original Article

Quantifying the roles of conscious and unconscious processing in insight-related memory effectiveness within standard and creative advertising
Wangbing Shen, Haiping Bai, Yuan Yuan, Linden J. Ball, Fang Lu

01-09-2021 | Original Article

The benefit of assessing implicit sequence learning in pianists with an eye-tracked serial reaction time task
Simone Schwizer Ashkenazi, Rivka Raiter-Avni, Eli Vakil

Open Access 29-09-2021 | Original Article

What triggers explicit awareness in implicit sequence learning? Implications from theories of consciousness
Sarah Esser, Clarissa Lustig, Hilde Haider

16-08-2021 | Original Article

The unconscious mental inhibiting process of human maximal voluntary contraction
Yudai Takarada, Daichi Nozaki

28-09-2021 | Original Article

Automatic effects of instructions: a tale of two paradigms
Inbar Amir, Liran Peleg, Nachshon Meiran

Open Access 23-09-2021 | Original Article

Mental heartbeat tracking and rating of emotional pictures are not related
Eszter Ferentzi, Luca Vig, Mats Julin Lindkjølen, Markus Erling Lien, Ferenc Köteles

31-08-2021 | Original Article

Individual differences in dimensions of mind wandering: the mediating role of emotional valence and intentionality
Jonathan B. Banks, Matthew S. Welhaf

12-09-2021 | Original Article

Predictors of obsessive–compulsive symptomology: mind wandering about the past and future
Scott N. Cole, Peter M. C. Tubbs

Open Access 26-09-2021 | Original Article

The effect of hyperarticulation on speech comprehension under adverse listening conditions
Jayanthiny Kangatharan, Maria Uther, Fernand Gobet

06-10-2021 | Original Article

Spatial cueing effects do not always index attentional capture: evidence for a priority accumulation framework
Maya Darnell, Dominique Lamy

12-08-2021 | Original Article

Independent subsequent memory effects of conflict resolution and response inhibition
Yu-Chin Chiu, Fangqin Sun, Gloria A. Dietz

Open Access 10-08-2021 | Original Article

Investigating facilitatory versus inhibitory effects of dynamic social and non-social cues on attention in a realistic space
Samantha E. A. Gregory

Open Access 29-09-2021 | Original Article

Face in collision: emotional looming stimuli modulate interpersonal space across development and gender
Valentina Silvestri, Massimo Grassi, Elena Nava

07-09-2021 | Original Article

Self-prioritization depends on assumed task-relevance of self-association
Mateusz Woźniak, Guenther Knoblich

29-08-2021 | Original Article

Meaningful boundaries create boundary conditions for control
Jackson S. Colvett, Julie M. Bugg

21-08-2021 | Original Article

Integration of visual landmark cues in spatial memory
Phillip M. Newman, Timothy P. McNamara

Open Access 08-09-2021 | Original Article

The role of expertise in the aesthetic evaluation of mathematical equations
Gregor U. Hayn-Leichsenring, Oshin Vartanian, Anjan Chatterjee

Open Access 16-11-2021 | Original Article

Time-based task expectancy: perceptual task indicator expectancy or expectancy of post-perceptual task components?
Irina Monno, Stefanie Aufschnaiter, Sonja Ehret, Andrea Kiesel, Edita Poljac, Roland Thomaschke

04-09-2021 | Original Article

The Z-Box illusion: dominance of motion perception among multiple 3D objects
Joshua E. Zosky, Michael D. Dodd

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