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Psychological Research

Uitgave 5/2020

Inhoudsopgave (21 Artikelen)


Lifting cognition: a meta-analysis of effects of resistance exercise on cognition

Jon-Frederick Landrigan, Tyler Bell, Michael Crowe, Olivio J. Clay, Daniel Mirman

Original Article

Persistence of repeated self-reported illusion of control as a product of action and outcome association in productive and preventive scenarios

Reinaldo Augusto Gomes Simões, Marcelo Frota Lobato Benvenuti, Aline de Souza Rodrigues, Stela Pereira Coutinho, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Lisiane Bizarro

Original Article

Influences of basic numerical abilities on graph reading performance

Ulrich Ludewig, Katharina Lambert, Tanja Dackermann, Katharina Scheiter, Korbinian Möller

Original Article

The local perceptual bias of a non-remote and educated population

Serge Caparos, Karina J. Linnell, Isabelle Blanchette

Open Access Original Article

Water supplementation after dehydration improves judgment and decision-making performance

Olivia C. Patsalos, Volker Thoma

Original Article

The relation between state and trait risk taking and problem-solving

Carola Salvi, Edward Bowden

Original Article

Selective attention effects on recognition: the roles of list context and perceptual difficulty

Hanae Davis, Tamara M. Rosner, Maria C. D’Angelo, Ellen MacLellan, Bruce Milliken

Original Article

Grasping and perception are both affected by irrelevant information and secondary tasks: new evidence from the Garner paradigm

Miriam Löhr-Limpens, Frederic Göhringer, Thomas Schenk, Constanze Hesse

Original Article

Humans derive task expectancies from sub-second and supra-second interval durations

Stefanie Aufschnaiter, Andrea Kiesel, Roland Thomaschke

Original Article

The impact of cue format and cue transparency on task switching performance

Miriam Gade, Marco Steinhauser

Open Access Original Article

Redefining the pattern of age-prospective memory-paradox: new insights on age effects in lab-based, naturalistic, and self-assigned tasks

Katharina M. Schnitzspahn, Lia Kvavilashvili, Mareike Altgassen

Original Article

Age-related changes in Bayesian belief updating during attentional deployment and motor intention

Paola Mengotti, Anna B. Kuhns, Gereon R. Fink, Simone Vossel

Original Article

The representation and plasticity of body emotion expression

Rebecca Watson, Beatrice de Gelder

Original Article

The eyes do not have it after all? Attention is not automatically biased towards faces and eyes

Effie J. Pereira, Elina Birmingham, Jelena Ristic

Original Article

I still hear a melody: investigating temporal dynamics of the Speech-to-Song Illusion

Gerben Groenveld, John Ashley Burgoyne, Makiko Sadakata

Open Access Original Article

Can hypnotic suggestibility be measured online?

Bence Palfi, G. Moga, P. Lush, R. B. Scott, Z. Dienes