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Psychological Research

Uitgave 3/2020

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Original Article

Change detection in complex auditory scenes is predicted by auditory memory, pitch perception, and years of musical training

Christina M. Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, Che’Renee Zaragoza, Angie Rubio-Garcia, Evan Clarkson, Joel S. Snyder

Original Article

Comparison of two psychophysical methods across visual and haptic perception of stand-on-ability

Alen Hajnal, Catalina X. Olavarria, Tyler Surber, Joseph D. Clark, Jonathan K. Doyon

Original Article

Influence of metrical structure on learning of positional regularities in movement sequences

Talieh Kazemi Esfeh, Javad Hatami, Masoud Gholamali Lavasani

Open Access Original Article

Visual attention, biological motion perception, and healthy ageing

Hannah C. Agnew, Louise H. Phillips, Karin S. Pilz

Original Article

Orientation-dependent spatial memories for scenes viewed on mobile devices

Savvas Avraam, Adamantini Hatzipanayioti, Marios N. Avraamides

Original Article

More than simple facts: cross-linguistic differences in place-value processing in arithmetic fact retrieval

Julia Bahnmueller, Silke M. Göbel, Silvia Pixner, Verena Dresen, Korbinian Moeller

Original Article

Retrieval-based skill learning: testing promotes the acquisition of scientific experimentation skills

Tobias Tempel, Katrin Kaufmann, Johanna Kranz, Andrea Möller

Open Access Original Article

Less imageable words lead to more looks to blank locations during memory retrieval

Alper Kumcu, Robin L. Thompson

Open Access Original Article

Attention for future reward

Helen Tibboel, Baptist Liefooghe

Original Article

Correspondence effect driven by salient visual asymmetries in integral object stimuli

Antonello Pellicano, Cristina Iani, Natale Vincenzo Maiorana, Houpand Horoufchin, Sandro Rubichi, Luisa Lugli, Roberto Nicoletti, Ferdinand Binkofski

Original Article

Trait anxiety and the alignment of attentional bias with controllability of danger

Lies Notebaert, Jessie Veronica Georgiades, Matthew Herbert, Ben Grafton, Sam Parsons, Elaine Fox, Colin MacLeod

Original Article

The influence of threat on perceived spatial distance to out-group members

Chiara Fini, Pieter Verbeke, Sophie Sieber, Agnes Moors, Marcel Brass, Oliver Genschow

Original Article

A meta-analysis of contingent-capture effects

Christian Büsel, Martin Voracek, Ulrich Ansorge

Original Article

Visuo-motor interference with a virtual partner is equally present in cooperative and competitive interactions

Vanessa Era, Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Carolina Mancusi, Matteo Candidi

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