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Psychological Research

Uitgave 3/2017

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Original Article

Imitation and matching of meaningless gestures: distinct involvement from motor and visual imagery

Mathieu Lesourd, Jordan Navarro, Josselin Baumard, Christophe Jarry, Didier Le Gall, François Osiurak

Original Article

Self-perception beyond the body: the role of past agency

Roman Liepelt, Thomas Dolk, Bernhard Hommel

Open Access Original Article

The implicit power motive predicts action selection

Peter F. Stoeckart, Madelijn Strick, Erik Bijleveld, Henk Aarts

Open Access Original Article

Increased cognitive demands boost the spatial interference effect in bimanual pointing

Ioana Stanciu, Stefanie C. Biehl, Constanze Hesse

Original Article

Retest reliability of the parameters of the Ratcliff diffusion model

Veronika Lerche, Andreas Voss

Original Article

Simple reaction time and size–distance integration in virtual 3D space

Thorsten Plewan, Gerhard Rinkenauer

Open Access Original Article

Interaction between numbers and size during visual search

Florian Krause, Harold Bekkering, Jay Pratt, Oliver Lindemann