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Psychological Research 2/2020
Psychological Research

Uitgave 2/2020


Inhoudsopgave (22 Artikelen)

28-02-2018 | Original Article

Do arousal and valence have separable influences on attention across time?
Brandon T. Saxton, Samantha K. Myhre, Tharaki Siyaguna, Paul D. Rokke

08-03-2018 | Original Article

Attentional bias on motor control: is motor inhibition influenced by attentional reorienting?
Pauline M. Hilt, Pasquale Cardellicchio

03-04-2018 | Original Article

The effects of attentional focus in the preparation and execution of a standing long jump
Kevin A. Becker, Jeffrey T. Fairbrother, Kaylee F. Couvillion

06-08-2018 | Original Article

Target–distractor congruency: sequential effects in a temporal flanker task
Miriam Tomat, Mike Wendt, Aquiles Luna-Rodriguez, Michael Sprengel, Thomas Jacobsen

23-07-2018 | Original Article

Food deprivation disrupts normal holistic processing of domain-specific stimuli
Noa Zitron-Emanuel, Tzvi Ganel

Open Access 10-08-2018 | Original Article

Shared attention for action selection and action monitoring in goal-directed reaching
Aoife Mahon, Solveiga Bendžiūtė, Constanze Hesse, Amelia R. Hunt

03-07-2018 | Original Article

When task sharing reduces interference: evidence for division-of-labour in Stroop-like tasks
Roberta Sellaro, Barbara Treccani, Roberto Cubelli

28-06-2018 | Original Article

Tapping ahead of time: its association with timing variability
Junkai Yang, Feiyi Ouyang, Linus Holm, Yingyu Huang, Lingyu Gan, Liang Zhou, Huizhen Chao, Mengye Wang, Mengxue He, Sheng Zhang, Bo Yang, Junhao Pan, Xiang Wu

Open Access 20-06-2018 | Original Article

Performance-informed EEG analysis reveals mixed evidence for EEG signatures unique to the processing of time
Nadine Schlichting, Ritske de Jong, Hedderik van Rijn

03-08-2018 | Original Article

Beholders’ sensorimotor engagement enhances aesthetic rating of pictorial facial expressions of pain
Martina Ardizzi, F. Ferroni, F. Siri, M. A. Umiltà, A. Cotti, M. Calbi, E. Fadda, D. Freedberg, V. Gallese

20-06-2018 | Original Article

Modality compatibility biases voluntary choice of response modality in task switching
Edina Fintor, Edita Poljac, Denise N. Stephan, Iring Koch

Open Access 17-07-2018 | Original Article

Training and transfer effects of extensive task-switching training in students
Xin Zhao, Haien Wang, Joseph H. R. Maes

17-07-2018 | Original Article

Volitional media multitasking: awareness of performance costs and modulation of media multitasking as a function of task demand
Brandon C. W. Ralph, Paul Seli, Kristin E. Wilson, Daniel Smilek

16-07-2018 | Original Article

Task instructions modulate unit–decade binding in two-digit number representation
Thomas J. Faulkenberry, Alexander Cruise, Samuel Shaki

Open Access 17-07-2018 | Original Article

Individual differences in processing resources modulate bimanual interference in pointing
Constanze Hesse, Laura Koroknai, Jutta Billino

13-07-2018 | Original Article

Action plan interrupted: resolution of proactive interference while coordinating execution of multiple action plans during sleep deprivation
Lisa R. Fournier, Devon A. Hansen, Alexandra M. Stubblefield, Hans P. A. Van Dongen

21-07-2018 | Original Article

The Indo-Arabic distance effect originates in the response statistics of the task
Petia Kojouharova, Attila Krajcsi

07-07-2018 | Original Article

Event segmentation and the temporal compression of experience in episodic memory
Olivier Jeunehomme, Arnaud D’Argembeau

11-07-2018 | Original Article

Green as a cbemcuru: modal as well as amodal color cues can help to solve anagrams
Eduard Berndt, Carolin Dudschig, Barbara Kaup

Open Access 31-07-2018 | Original Article

Co-thought gesturing supports more complex problem solving in subjects with lower visual working-memory capacity
Charly Eielts, Wim Pouw, Kim Ouwehand, Tamara van Gog, Rolf A. Zwaan, Fred Paas

25-07-2018 | Original Article

The influence of conceptual (mis)match on collaborative referring in dialogue
Dominique Knutsen, Ludovic Le Bigot

27-06-2018 | Original Article

Quantifying insightful problem solving: a modified compound remote associates paradigm using lexical priming to parametrically modulate different sources of task difficulty
Maxi Becker, Gregor Wiedemann, Simone Kühn