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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 6/2020

Inhoudsopgave (11 Artikelen)

Open Access Commentary

Epaology and the importance of context

F. Scheele

Open Access Review Article

Integrating Wikipedia editing into health professions education: a curricular inventory and review of the literature

Lauren A. Maggio, John M. Willinsky, Joseph A. Costello, Nadine A. Skinner, Paolo C. Martin, Jennifer E. Dawson

Open Access Original Article

The learning community faculty experience: how longitudinal relationships with learners enhance work meaning

Danielle Roussel, Paul R. Gordon, James M. Wagner, Michelle Bardack, Maya G. Sardesai, Jorie M. Colbert-Getz

Open Access Original Article

Harmony or dissonance? The affordances of palliative care learning for emerging professional identity

Frances Kilbertus, Rola Ajjawi, Douglas Archibald

Open Access Original Article

Exploring perspectives on health professions education scholarship units from sub-Saharan Africa

Susan van Schalkwyk, Bridget C. O’Brien, Cees van der Vleuten, Tim J. Wilkinson, Ilse Meyer, Anna M. S. Schmutz, Lara Varpio

Open Access The Writer’s Craft

Beyond feedback: 11 tips for coaching writing

Lorelei Lingard, Chris Watling

Open Access Show and Tell

Development and evaluation of a simulation-based transition to clerkship course

Jared P. Austin, Mark Baskerville, Tracy Bumsted, Leslie Haedinger, Stephanie Nonas, Eugen Pohoata, Meghan Rogers, Megan Spickerman, Philippe Thuillier, Suzanne H. Mitchell

Open Access Show and Tell

Capturing the wisdom of the crowd: health professions’ educators meet at a virtual world café

Judy McKimm, Subha Ramani, Rashmi A. Kusurkar, Alice Fornari, Vishna Devi Nadarajah, Harish Thampy, Helena P. Filipe, Elizabeth K. Kachur, Richard Hays