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Perspectives on Medical Education

Perspectives on Medical Education 6/2019

Uitgave 6/2019

Inhoudsopgave ( 11 Artikelen )

19-11-2019 | Commentary | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

The mental workload of conducting research in assessor cognition

Andrea Gingerich, Peter Yeates

21-11-2019 | Commentary | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Advancing from perception to reality: How to accelerate and achieve gender equity now

Tiffany I. Leung, Eileen Barrett, Tammy L. Lin, Darilyn V. Moyer

09-12-2019 | Commentary | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

What’s in a Name?

Gisèle Bourgeois-Law

06-11-2019 | Guidelines | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Guidelines: The dos, don’ts and don’t knows of remediation in medical education

Calvin L. Chou, Adina Kalet, Manuel Joao Costa, Jennifer Cleland, Kalman Winston

14-11-2019 | Review Article | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Optimizing assessors’ mental workload in rater-based assessment: a critical narrative review

Bridget Paravattil, Kyle John Wilby

14-11-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

When perception is reality: Resident perception of faculty gender parity in a university-based internal medicine residency program

Jennifer Reilly Lukela, Aditi Ramakrishnan, Nicole Hadeed, John Del Valle

15-10-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Exploring the evolving concept of ‘patient ownership’ in the era of resident duty hour regulations—experience of residents and faculty in an internal medicine night float system

Vanessa Masson, Linda Snell, Diana Dolmans, Ning-Zi Sun

22-11-2019 | The Writer's Craft | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Beyond the default colon: Effective use of quotes in qualitative research

Lorelei Lingard

09-12-2019 | Eye-Opener | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

The utility of failure: a taxonomy for research and scholarship

Meredith Young

08-11-2019 | Show and Tell | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Jointly discussing care plans for real-life patients: The potential of a student-led interprofessional team meeting in undergraduate health professions education

Marion van Lierop, Jerôme van Dongen, Miriam Janssen, Hester Smeets, Loes van Bokhoven, Albine Moser

21-11-2019 | Letter | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

A call for action: understanding medicine’s role in climate change

Ciara Nuttall, Fatima Yaqub

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