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Perspectives on Medical Education

Perspectives on Medical Education 5/2017

Uitgave 5/2017

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26-09-2017 | Commentary | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Getting off the carousel: De-centring the curriculum in medical education

Cynthia R. Whitehead

27-09-2017 | Guidelines | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Guidelines: The do’s, don’ts and don’t knows of direct observation of clinical skills in medical education

Jennifer R. Kogan, Rose Hatala, Karen E. Hauer, Eric Holmboe

24-08-2017 | A Qualitative Space | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Longitudinal qualitative research in medical education

Dorene F. Balmer, Boyd F. Richards

17-05-2017 | Review Article | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Social studying and learning among medical students: a scoping review

Daniela Keren, Jocelyn Lockyer, Rachel H. Ellaway

29-08-2017 | Review Article | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Is feedback to medical learners associated with characteristics of improved patient care?

Victoria Hayes, Robert Bing-You, Kalli Varaklis, Robert Trowbridge, Heather Kemp, Dina McKelvy

18-08-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Peer-led small groups: Are we on the right track?

Fraser Moore

16-08-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Medical students’ perceptions of a novel institutional incident reporting system

A thematic analysis
Morris Gordon, Dillan Parakh

26-09-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Getting off the carousel: Exploring the wicked problem of curriculum reform

Lorraine Hawick, Jennifer Cleland, Simon Kitto

04-09-2017 | The Writer’s Craft | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Does your discussion realize its potential?

Lorelei Lingard

17-05-2017 | Eye-Opener | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

Fairness: the hidden challenge for competency-based postgraduate medical education programs

Colleen Y. Colbert, Judith C. French, Mary Elizabeth Herring, Elaine F. Dannefer

17-08-2017 | Show and Tell | Uitgave 5/2017 Open Access

If at first you don’t succeed … adoption of iPad marking for high-stakes assessments

Terry Judd, Anna Ryan, Eleanor Flynn, Geoff McColl

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