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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 4/2015

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Open Access Commentary

Building the continuum of competency-based medical education

William F. Iobst, Eric S. Holmboe

Open Access Original Article

Dual processing theory and expertsʼ reasoning: exploring thinking on national multiple-choice questions

Steven J. Durning, Ting Dong, Anthony R. Artino, Cees van der Vleuten, Eric Holmboe, Lambert Schuwirth

Open Access Original Article

Beyond work-hour restrictions: a qualitative study of residents’ subjective workload

Hiroshi Nishigori, Gautam A. Deshpande, Haruo Obara, Osamu Takahashi, Jamiu Busari, Tim Dornan

Open Access Original Article

Medical education in the United States: do residents feel prepared?

Chen (Amy) Chen, Dylan Kotliar, Brian C. Drolet

Open Access The Writer’s Craft

Avoiding prepositional pile-up

Lorelei Lingard

Open Access Show and Tell

Promoting faculty professionalism: a case-based approach

Patricia M. Dieter, Nicholas M. Hudak, Peggy R. Robinson

Open Access Show and Tell

Longitudinal evaluation, acceptability and long-term retention of knowledge on a horizontally integrated organic and functional systems course

Joana Almeida Palha, Armando Almeida, Jorge Correia-Pinto, Manuel João Costa, Maria Amélia Ferreira, Nuno Sousa

Open Access Eye-Opener

This thing called life

Anique E.N. Atherley, Charles G. Taylor Jr.

Open Access Eye-Opener

Studying learning in the healthcare setting: the potential of quantitative diary methods

Yvette Ciere, Debbie Jaarsma, Annemieke Visser, Robbert Sanderman, Evelien Snippe, Joke Fleer

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