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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 4/2013

Inhoudsopgave (9 Artikelen)

Open Access Editorial

Achieving research competences through medical education

Friedo W. Dekker

Open Access Original Article

Tuning research competences for Bologna three cycles in medicine: report of a MEDINE2 European consensus survey

Richard Marz, Friedo W. Dekker, Chris Van Schravendijk, Siun O’Flynn, Michael T. Ross

Open Access Original Paper

Observations of evidence-based medicine in general practice

Sandra E. Zwolsman, Nynke van Dijk, Margreet Wieringa de Waard

Open Access Short Communication

Scientific education early in the curriculum using a constructivist approach on learning

M. W. C. Vereijken, M. Kruidering-Hall, P. G. M. de Jong, A. J. de Beaufort, F. W. Dekker

Open Access Short Communication

Evidence-based practice for individuals or groups: let’s make a difference

M. de Groot, J. M. van der Wouden, E. A. van Hell, M. B. Nieweg

Open Access Eye-opener

Academic and scientific education in medical curricula in the Netherlands: a programme director’s view

Arnout Jan de Beaufort, Anton F. P. M. de Goeij

Open Access Show and Tell

An integrated model for developing research skills in an undergraduate medical curriculum: appraisal of an approach using student selected components

Simon C. Riley, Jeremy Morton, David C. Ray, David G. Swann, Donald J. Davidson

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