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Perspectives on Medical Education 3/2013
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 3/2013


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Open Access 01-06-2013 | Editorial

Thinking outside the box
G. Peeraer

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Original Paper

A curriculum focused on informed empathy improves attitudes toward persons with disabilities
Sonya R. Miller

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Original Paper

An exploratory study into the impact and acceptability of formatively used progress testing in postgraduate obstetrics and gynaecology
Marja G. K. Dijksterhuis, Lambert W. T. Schuwirth, Didi D. M. Braat, Fedde Scheele

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Original Paper

Communicating with graduate medical trainees: the Cleveland Clinic experience
Laura R. Greenwald, James K. Stoller

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Short Communication

International women physicians’ perspectives on choosing an academic medicine career
Nicole J. Borges, Amelia C. Grover, Anita M. Navarro, Trisha L. Raque-Bogdan, Caroline Elton

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Short Communication

The use of daily questions for educational purposes: a TOPday for students
Esther Tanck, Gerjon Hannink, Sascha M. H. F. van Kuppeveld, Sanneke Bolhuis, Jan G. M. Kooloos

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Short Communication

Faculty and student perceptions of academic counselling services at an academic health science center
Natalie White Gaughf, Penni L. Smith, Dara A. Williams

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Eye-opener

The last generation of the pommy medical officer
A. Armstrong

Open Access 01-06-2013 | Letter

Research skills for undergraduates: a must!
Thomas I. Lemon, Rhianon Lampard, Benjamin A. Stone

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