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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 2/2017

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Open Access Editorial

Introducing a qualitative space

Lara Varpio, Elise Paradis, Chris Watling

Open Access Commentary

Let us not neglect the impact of organizational culture on increasing diversity within medical schools

Kirsty Alexander, Jennifer Cleland, Sandra Nicholson

Open Access Commentary

Trust, entrustment decisions and a few things we shouldn’t forget

Marjan J. B. Govaerts

Open Access A Qualitative Space

Listening as a path to psychological discovery: an introduction to the Listening Guide

Carol Gilligan, Jessica Eddy

Open Access Original Article

Facilitating admissions of diverse students: A six-point, evidence-informed framework for pipeline and program development

Meredith E. Young, Aliki Thomas, Lara Varpio, Saleem I. Razack, Mark D. Hanson, Steve Slade, Katharine L. Dayem, David J. McKnight

Open Access Original Article

Gestalt assessment of online educational resources may not be sufficiently reliable and consistent

Keeth Krishnan, Brent Thoma, N. Seth Trueger, Michelle Lin, Teresa M. Chan

Open Access Original Article

Unmasking identity dissonance: exploring medical students’ professional identity formation through mask making

Kimera Joseph, Karlen Bader, Sara Wilson, Melissa Walker, Mark Stephens, Lara Varpio

Open Access Original Article

Burnout, quality of life, motivation, and academic achievement among medical students: A person-oriented approach

Mataroria P. Lyndon, Marcus A. Henning, Hussain Alyami, Sanjeev Krishna, Irene Zeng, Tzu-Chieh Yu, Andrew G. Hill

Open Access Statistical Points and Pitfalls

Evidence against vs. in favour of a null hypothesis

Jimmie Leppink, Patricia O’Sullivan, Kal Winston

Open Access Eye-Opener

Applying occupational and organizational psychology theory to entrustment decision-making about trainees in health care: a conceptual model

Ylva Holzhausen, Asja Maaz, Anna T. Cianciolo, Olle ten Cate, Harm Peters

Open Access Eye-Opener

‘How would you call this in English?’

Esther Helmich, Sayra Cristancho, Laura Diachun, Lorelei Lingard

Open Access Show and Tell

Bridging the training-practice gap in interprofessional student supervision

Priya Martin, Saravana Kumar, LuJuana Abernathy

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