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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 2/2016

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Open Access Commentary

Trust your struggle

Pim W. Teunissen

Open Access Commentary

Partnerships in medical education: looking across disciplinary boundaries to extend knowledge

Emese Hall, Jennifer Cleland, Karen Mattick

Open Access Commentary

Summative peer marking?

Lotte O’Neill, Anne Mette Morcke

Open Access Commentary

How should we address the pipeline problem?

Hillary J. Braun

Open Access Original Article

Exploring the transition of undergraduate medical students into a clinical clerkship using organizational socialization theory

Anique E. Atherley, Ian R. Hambleton, Nigel Unwin, Colette George, Paula M. Lashley, Charles G. Taylor Jr

Open Access Original Article

Beyond standard checklist assessment: Question sequence may impact student performance

Jeff LaRochelle, Steven J. Durning, John R. Boulet, Cees van der Vleuten, Jeroen van Merrienboer, Jeroen Donkers

Open Access Original Article

Evaluation of marking of peer marking in oral presentation

Dietmar Steverding, Kevin M. Tyler, Darren W. Sexton

Open Access Original Article

Tablet versus paper marking in assessment: feedback matters

Alan Denison, Emily Bate, Jessica Thompson

Open Access Original Article

Exploring the effects of medical trainee naming: a randomized experiment

Alexander Chaitoff, Joshua Niforatos, José Vega

Open Access Statistical Points and Pitfalls

Statistical significance does not imply a real effect

Jimmie Leppink, Kal Winston, Patricia O’Sullivan

Open Access Show and Tell

Where is the leak in the pipeline? Investigating gender differences in academic promotion at an academic medical centre

Jessica K. Paulus, Karen M. Switkowski, Geneve M. Allison, Molly Connors, Rachel J. Buchsbaum, Karen M. Freund, Deborah Blazey-Martin

Open Access Show and Tell

Near peer integrated teaching for final year medical students

Laurence Fulford, Victoria Gunn, Gregory Davies, Claire Evans, Tanzeem Raza, Michael Vassallo