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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 2/2013

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Open Access Editorial

Reflecting on clinical education

B. Bonke

Open Access Original Paper

Medical students’ reactions to an experience-based learning model of clinical education

Alexandra Hay, Sarah Smithson, Karen Mann, Tim Dornan

Open Access Original Paper

Ownership of patient care: a behavioural definition and stepwise approach to diagnosing problems in trainees

Kimberly McLaren, Julie Lord, Suzanne B. Murray, Mitchell Levy, Paul Ciechanowski, Jesse Markman, Anna Ratzliff, Michael Grodesky, Deborah S. Cowley

Open Access Original Article

Repeated evaluations of the quality of clinical teaching by residents

Cornelia R. M. G. Fluit, Remco Feskens, Sanneke Bolhuis, Richard Grol, Michel Wensing, Roland Laan

Open Access Short Communication

E-learning any time any place anywhere on mobile devices

Sylvia Eggermont, Peter M. Bloemendaal, Jary M. van Baalen

Open Access Eye-Opener

Physiologically lucky: the role of medical physiology in modern medical education

Ahmad H. Adi, Hani J. Alturkmani

Open Access Letter

Written narrative feedback, reflections and action plans in single-encounter observations: an observational study

Elisabeth A. M. Pelgrim, Anneke W. M. Kramer, Henk G. A. Mokkink, Cees P. M. van der Vleuten

Open Access Conference Abstract

Rectification: Best abstracts of the NVMO conference

Nele Michels

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