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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 2/2012

Inhoudsopgave (7 Artikelen)

Open Access Editorial

PME aiming for quality, originality and peer recognition

Griet Peeraer

Open Access Original Article

Students’ educational needs for clinical reasoning in first clerkships

Thijs T. Wingelaar, Judith M. Wagter, Alf E. R. Arnold

Open Access Original Article

Effectiveness of an educational video as an instrument to refresh and reinforce the learning of a nursing technique: a randomized controlled trial

Loris Salina, Carlo Ruffinengo, Lorenza Garrino, Patrizia Massariello, Lorena Charrier, Barbara Martin, Maria Santina Favale, Valerio Dimonte

Open Access Original Article

Academic self-efficacy: from educational theory to instructional practice

Anthony R. Artino Jr.

Open Access Short Communication

Faculty and student perceptions of the feasibility of individual student–faculty meetings

B. F. Mulder, M. H. Erich, J. C. C. Borleffs, A. F. Elgersma, J. Cohen-Schotanus

Open Access Short Communication

Measuring cognitive outcomes in a pre-clinical bioethics course

Ashley K. Fernandes, Nicole Borges, Heather Rodabaugh