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Perspectives on Medical Education 1/2020
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 1/2020


Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access 05-02-2020 | Editorial

Perspectives on Medical Education: three changes in our guidelines to make authors’ and reviewers’ lives easier
Lauren A. Maggio, Erik W. Driessen

Open Access 13-12-2019 | Commentary

Student participation in undergraduate medical education: a continuous collective endeavour
Stephanie N. E. Meeuwissen, Jill R. D. Whittingham

Open Access 17-01-2020 | Guidelines

The do’s, don’ts and don’t knows of establishing a sustainable longitudinal integrated clerkship
Maggie Bartlett, Ian Couper, Ann Poncelet, Paul Worley

Open Access 13-12-2019 | Review Article

Social media in knowledge translation and education for physicians and trainees: a scoping review
Teresa M. Chan, Kristina Dzara, Sara Paradise Dimeo, Anuja Bhalerao, Lauren A. Maggio

Open Access 17-01-2020 | Original Article

Support, technology and mental health: correlates of trainee workplace satisfaction
Vanessa A. Stan, Ricardo Correa, Jessica R. Deslauriers, Semyon Faynboym, Tina Shah, Alik S. Widge, AMA-RFS Task Force on Resident/Fellow Physician Satisfaction

Open Access 03-02-2020 | Original Article

Finding your feet: student participation during initiation of international clinical placements
Student participation during initiation
Miriam H. Wijbenga, Robbert J. Duvivier, Dale C. Sheehan, Stephan P. J. Ramaekers, Pim W. Teunissen, Erik W. Driessen

Open Access 19-12-2019 | Original Article

Timing is key to providing modified assessments for students with specific learning difficulties
Christian P Gray, Steven A Burr

Open Access 18-12-2019 | The Writer's Craft

Pace, pause & silence: Creating emphasis & suspense in your writing
Lorelei Lingard

Open Access 10-12-2019 | Show and Tell

Empowering medical students as agents of curricular change: a value-added approach to student engagement in medical education
Joseph R. Geraghty, Alexandria N. Young, Tiffani D. M. Berkel, Eric Wallbruch, Julie Mann, Yoon Soo Park, Laura E. Hirshfield, Abbas Hyderi

Open Access 17-12-2019 | Show and Tell

Nudging clinical supervisors to provide better in-training assessment reports
Valérie Dory, Beth-Ann Cummings, Mélanie Mondou, Meredith Young