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28-01-2015 | Nieuws

Onderzoek buitenland: Pain classification in non-specific arm pain

Non-specific arm pain (NSAP) is an upper limb disorder that is diagnosed based upon the exclusion of specific pathology. The condition is often accompanied by weakness and paraesthesia – which in some cases may indicate involvement of neural tissues. Classification of NSAP can aid the clinician in decision making regarding different therapy modalities.

In this study, a cross-sectional observational design was employed to determine the prevalence of different pain classifications in a group of forty patients with NSAP, and to investigate the clinical utility of three pain mechanism classification algorithms for NSAP. Participants all underwent a standardized history-taking and physical examination procedure and the findings were used to classify patients according to three different algorithms: the Neuropathic Pain Special Interest Group (NeuPSIG), Smart’s and Schafer’s algorithm.


The NeuPSIG algorithm was able to adequately separate those with from those without neuropathic pain, while Schafer’s algorithm classified the highest number of patients and had the highest interrater agreement. Moreover, the prevalence of different pain classifications among the participants pointed towards peripheral nerve sensitization as an important component of NSAP.


From: Moloney et al., Man Ther (2015) (Epub ahead of print)


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Bron: Anatomy & Physiotherapy


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