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01-06-2016 | Uitgave 6/2016

Quality of Life Research 6/2016

Obesity, metabolic abnormality, and health-related quality of life by gender: a cross-sectional study in Korean adults

Quality of Life Research > Uitgave 6/2016
Youngran Yang, Jerald R. Herting, Jongsan Choi



This study sought to compare the association between health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and four body health types by gender.


The study included 6217 men and 8243 women over 30 years of age chosen from a population-based survey. Participants were grouped by body mass index and metabolic abnormality into four types: metabolically healthy normal weight, metabolically abnormal but normal weight (MANW), metabolically healthy obesity (MHO), and metabolically abnormal obesity (MAO). HRQoL was measured using the EQ-5D health questionnaire. The outcomes encompassed five dimensions (mobility, self-care, usual activity, pain/discomfort, and anxiety/depression), and the impaired HRQoL dichotomized by the EQ-5D preference score. Complex sample multivariate binary logistic regression analyses were conducted to adjust for sociodemographic variables, lifestyle factors, and disease comorbidity.


Among men, those in the MANW group presented worse conditions on all dimensions and the impaired HRQoL compared to other men. However, no significant effect remained after adjusting for relevant covariates. For women, those in the MAO group had the most adversely affected HRQoL followed by those females in the MHO group. The domain of mobility and impaired HRQoL variable of the MAO and MHO groups remained significant when controlling for all covariates in the model.


The MANW is the least favorable condition of HRQoL for men, suggesting that metabolic health may associate with HRQoL more than obesity for males. In women, the MAO and MHO groups had the most adversely affected HRQoL, implying that MHO is not a favorable health condition and that obesity, in general, may be strongly associated with HRQoL in women.

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