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01-05-2014 | Review Article | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Netherlands Heart Journal 5/2014

New antiarrhythmic targets to control intracellular calcium handling

Netherlands Heart Journal > Uitgave 5/2014
H. E. Driessen, V. J. A. Bourgonje, T. A. B. van Veen, M. A. Vos


Sudden cardiac death due to ventricular arrhythmias is a major problem. Drug therapies to prevent SCD do not provide satisfying results, leading to the demand for new antiarrhythmic strategies. New targets include Ca2+/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII), the Na/Ca exchanger (NCX), the Ryanodine receptor (RyR, and its associated protein FKBP12.6 (Calstabin)) and the late component of the sodium current (I Na-Late ), all related to intracellular calcium (Ca2+) handling. In this review, drugs interfering with these targets (SEA-0400, K201, KN-93, W7, ranolazine, sophocarpine, and GS-967) are evaluated and their future as clinical compounds is considered. These new targets prove to be interesting; however more insight into long-term drug effects is necessary before clinical applicability becomes reality.

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