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Netherlands Heart Journal 4/2021
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 4/2021


Inhoudsopgave (11 Artikelen)

Open Access 06-03-2021 | Editor’s Comment

The Coronary Sinus Reducer for refractory angina
P. Damman, J. J. Piek

Open Access 14-10-2020 | Point of View

Resuscitation with an AED: putting the data to use
M. A. R. Bak, M. T. Blom, R. W. Koster, M. C. Ploem

Open Access 16-03-2021 | Commentary

Plan-Do-Study-Act in transcatheter aortic valve replacement
P. C. Smits

Open Access 15-03-2021 | Commentary

The COVID-19 lockdown: a curse or a blessing for acute cardiovascular disease?
J. I. Verhoeven, T. J. F. ten Cate, F. E. de Leeuw

Open Access 07-12-2020 | Original Article

Better survival after transcatheter aortic valve replacement by process improvements
G. J. van Steenbergen, D. van Veghel, D. N. Schulz, M. Soliman-Hamad, P. A. Tonino, S. Houterman, L. Dekker, NHR THI Registration Committee

Open Access 21-09-2020 | Original Article

Direct comparison of predictive performance of PRECISE-DAPT versus PARIS versus CREDO-Kyoto: a subanalysis of the ReCre8 trial
R. Rozemeijer, W. P. van Bezouwen, N. D. van Hemert, J. A. Damen, S. Koudstaal, M. Stein, G. E. Leenders, L. Timmers, A. O. Kraaijeveld, K. Roes, P. Agostoni, P. A. Doevendans, P. R. Stella, M. Voskuil

Open Access 07-12-2020 | Original Article

The Coronary Sinus Reducer; 5-year Dutch experience
M. J. M. Silvis, M. Dekker, C. Zivelonghi, P. Agostoni, P. R. Stella, P. A. Doevendans, D. P. V. de Kleijn, J. P. van Kuijk, G. E. Leenders, L. Timmers

Open Access 18-02-2021 | Original Article

Emergency medical services evaluations for chest pain during first COVID-19 lockdown in Hollands-Midden, the Netherlands
E. R. de Koning, M. J. Boogers, J. Bosch, M. de Visser, M. J. Schalij, S. L. M. A. Beeres

Open Access 11-03-2021 | Original Article

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on hospital admissions and outcome of acute coronary syndromes in a single high-volume centre in southeastern Europe
M. Petrović, A. Milovančev, M. Kovačević, T. Miljković, A. Ilić, A. Stojšić-Milosavljević, M. Golubović

Open Access 18-02-2021 | Letter to the Editor

Routine measurement of oesophageal temperature during cryoballoon pulmonary vein isolation
H. F. Groenveld, B. A. Mulder, Y. Blaauw

Open Access 11-03-2021 | Letter to the Editor

Reply to the letter of Groenveld et al.: ‘Routine measurement of oesophageal temperature during cryoballoon pulmonary vein isolation’
J. M. van Opstal, Y. J. Stevenhagen, P. F. H. M. van Dessel, M. F. Scholten