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Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 3/2014

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Open Access Editor's comment

Long-distance running: running for a long life?

E. E. van der Wall

Open Access Review Article

Waterpipe smoking: not necessarily less hazardous than cigarette smoking

J. B. Jukema, D. E. Bagnasco, R. A. Jukema

Open Access Original Article

Success of electrocardioversion on the elderly

J. J. Stroink, N. van Boven, J. H. Ruiter, V. A. W. M. Umans


Buffered aspirin: what is your gut feeling?

B. C. du Pré, L. W. van Laake

Open Access Original Article

Gastrointestinal symptoms in low-dose aspirin users: a comparison between plain and buffered aspirin

J. Jaspers Focks, M. M. Tielemans, L. G. M. van Rossum, T. Eikendal, M. A. Brouwer, J. B. M. J. Jansen, R. J. F. Laheij, F. W. A. Verheugt, M. G. H. van Oijen

Open Access Original Article

Biomarkers in outpatient heart failure management; Are they correlated to and do they influence clinical judgment?

J. M. P. W. U. Peeters, S. Sanders-van Wijk, S. Bektas, C. Knackstedt, P. Rickenbacher, F. Nietlispach, R. Handschin, M. T. Maeder, S. F. Muzzarelli, M. E. Pfisterer, H. P. Brunner-La Rocca

Open Access Short Communication

Do residents in cardiology need more training to make them talk about sex?

M. P. J. Nicolai, H. W. Elzevier

Open Access Case Report

Coronary CT angiography in the elderly

R. Nijveldt, T. Pflederer, S. Achenbach

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle - Question

Should you be worried?

J. Elias, A. R. Willems, A. A. M. Wilde

Imaging in Cardiology

Bacterial endocarditis with septic pulmonary embolism due to pacemaker lead infection

W. B. Prins, A. Yilmaz, P. G. Noordzij

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle - Answer

Should you be worried?

J. Elias, A. R. Willems, A. A. M. Wilde

Open Access Erratum

Erratum to: Heart disease in the Netherlands: a quantitative update

M. J. G. Leening, S. Siregar, I. Vaartjes, M. L. Bots, M. I. M. Versteegh, R.-J. M. van Geuns, J. J. Koolen, J. W. Deckers