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Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 2/2017

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Open Access Editor’s Comment

Guidance of interventions in structural heart disease; three-dimensional techniques are here to stay

M. Voskuil, H. Sievert, F. Arslan

Open Access Review Article

Structural and congenital heart disease interventions: the role of three-dimensional printing

L. M. Meier, M. Meineri, J. Qua Hiansen, E. M. Horlick

Open Access Original Article

Early experience with the Venus p‑valve for percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation in native outflow tract

F. Garay, X. Pan, YJ. Zhang, C. Wang, D. Springmuller

Open Access Review Article

Patient-specific computer modelling – its role in the planning of transcatheter aortic valve implantation

N. El Faquir, B. Ren, N. M. Van Mieghem, J. Bosmans, P. P. de Jaegere

Open Access Original Article

Introducing transcatheter aortic valve implantation with a new generation prosthesis: Institutional learning curve and effects on acute outcomes

G. D’Ancona, H. U. Agma, S. Kische, G. El-Achkar, M. Dißmann, J. Ortak, H. Ince, U. Ketterer, A. Bärisch, A. Öner

Open Access Original Article

Transcatheter closure of paravalvular leaks: state of the art

I. Cruz-Gonzalez, J. C. Rama-Merchan, J. Rodríguez-Collado, J. Martín-Moreiras, A. Diego-Nieto, M. Barreiro-Pérez, P. L Sánchez

Open Access Review Article

MitraClip step by step; how to simplify the procedure

M. A. Sherif, L. Paranskaya, S. Yuecel, S. Kische, O. Thiele, G. D’Ancona, A. Neuhausen-Abramkina, J. Ortak, H. Ince, A. Öner

Open Access Original Article - Design Study Article

Safety and efficacy of transseptal puncture guided by real-time fusion of echocardiography and fluoroscopy

S. Afzal, V. Veulemans, J. Balzer, T. Rassaf, K. Hellhammer, A. Polzin, M. Kelm, T. Zeus

Open Access Review Article

Haemodynamic and functional consequences of the iatrogenic atrial septal defect following Mitraclip therapy

E. A. Hart, K. Zwart, A. J. Teske, M. Voskuil, P. R. Stella, S. A. J. Chamuleau, A. O. Kraaijeveld

Open Access Review Article

Left atrial appendage closure: outcomes and challenges

H. S. Suradi, Z. M. Hijazi

Open Access Special Article

Percutaneous closure of a left atrial appendage with relevant suture dehiscence

L. Kleinebrecht, V. Veulemans, A. Polzin, M. Kelm, T. Zeus