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Mindfulness 7/2022

Uitgave 7/2022


Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

Open Access 23-05-2022 | REVIEW

Mindfulness-Based School Interventions: a Systematic Review of Outcome Evidence Quality by Study Design
Mary L. Phan, Tyler L. Renshaw, Julie Caramanico, Jeffrey M. Greeson, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Zabryna Atkinson-Diaz, Natalie Doppelt, Hungtzu Tai, David S. Mandell, Heather J. Nuske

Open Access 23-05-2022 | REVIEW

Autobiographical Memory and Mindfulness: a Critical Review with a Systematic Search
Evangelina Dominguez, Maria Casagrande, Antonino Raffone

Open Access 16-05-2022 | COMMENTARY

Embracing the Complexity of our Inner Worlds: Understanding the Dynamics of Self-Compassion and Self-Criticism
Madeleine Ferrari, Joseph Ciarrochi, Keong Yap, Baljinder Sahdra, Steven C. Hayes

16-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Training Mindfulness Facilitators: Evaluating the VA CALM Program at the Veterans Health Administration
J. Greg Serpa, Kathy Atwood, Stephen R. Shamblen, Aree Sangpukdee, Melissa A. Jents, Christiane Wolf

Open Access 07-10-2021 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Being Mindful of What is Absent
Bhikkhu Anālayo

Open Access 01-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Exploring the Link Between Self-compassion and Compulsive Exercise Amongst Women
Cristina Cuesta-Zamora, Marta Parra, Abel Toledano-González, Jorge Ricarte, Carolyn R. Plateau

28-05-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Validation of the Comprehensive Inventory of Mindfulness Experiences (CHIME) in Portuguese Children
Sofia Magalhães, Teresa Limpo

13-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Virtual Group–Based Mindfulness Intervention for Autistic Adults: a Feasibility Study
Yona Lunsky, Brianne Redquest, Carly Albaum, Sue Hutton, Maxine Share, Daniel Share-Strom, Jonathan Weiss

01-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: A Preliminary Examination of the (Event-Related) Potential for Modifying Threat-Related Attentional Bias in Anxiety
Resh S. Gupta, Autumn Kujawa, David M. Fresco, Hakmook Kang, David R. Vago

07-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Nonattachment Alleviates the Longitudinal Impact of Experienced and Anticipated Discrimination on Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Kevin Ka Shing Chan, Charles Chiu Hung Yip, Zixin Wang

Open Access 20-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Temporal Changes in Mindfulness Skills and Positive and Negative Affect and Their Interrelationships During Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer Patients
Linda Cillessen, Monique O. M. Van de Ven, William. J. Burk, Else M. Bisseling, Félix R. Compen, Marije L. Van der Lee, Anne E. M. Speckens

06-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effect of a Brief Mindfulness Practice on Perceived Stress and Sustained Attention: Does Priming Matter?
Rhiannon Y. Ueberholz, Alexandra J. Fiocco

06-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Reset your Immune System: Acceptability and Preliminary Effects of a CMT-Based Intervention in Patients with Hashimoto Thyroiditis
Zoi Portokalidou, Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva, Madelon L. Peters

14-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness, Parental Attributions, and Parenting: the Moderating Role of Child Mental Health
Hali Kil, Serena Shukla, Brendan F. Andrade

Open Access 08-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Should We Use a Total Score, Two Subscale Scores, or Six Subscale Scores for the Self-Compassion Scale? A Multi-faceted Assessment Beyond Model Fit Indices
José Buz, Antonio Crego, José R. Yela, Elena Sánchez-Zaballos, Antonio Ayuso

11-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Mindfulness-Based Gaia Program Reduces Internalizing Problems in High-School Adolescents: a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Francesca Scafuto, Silvia Ghiroldi, Nitamo Federico Montecucco, Fabio Presaghi, Luca Iani

04-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness in Survivors of Cumulative Childhood Interpersonal Trauma: a Buddhist Conceptualization of Suffering and Healing
Éliane Dussault, David Lafortune, Mylène Fernet, Natacha Godbout

16-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Development and Validation of the Japanese Version of the Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory-Short Form
Shota Noda, Chika Komatsu, Yumi Honda, Yosuke Hasegawa, Asuka Hasegawa, Mari Higuchi, Takanobu Suzuki, Hiroaki Kumano, Itaru Fukui, Hisanobu Kaiya

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