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Mindfulness 6/2018

Uitgave 6/2018


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12-03-2018 | REVIEW

A Systematic Review of the Demographic Characteristics of Participants in US-Based Randomized Controlled Trials of Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Elizabeth M. Waldron, Sunghyun Hong, Judith T. Moskowitz, Inger Burnett-Zeigler

02-06-2018 | COMMENTARY

Paradoxes of Mindfulness
Shauna Shapiro, Ronald Siegel, Kristin D. Neff

24-02-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Insomnia: Effects on Daytime Symptoms and Cognitive-Emotional Arousal
Jason C. Ong, Yinglin Xia, Christine E. Smith-Mason, Rachel Manber

20-02-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Unconditional Self-Kindness Scale: Assessing the Ability to Respond with Kindness to Threats to the Self
Bruce W. Smith, Anne Guzman, Kelly Erickson

20-02-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Contemplative Neuroscience as a Gateway to Mindfulness: Findings from an Educationally Framed Teacher Learning Program
Oren Ergas, Linor L. Hadar, Noa Albelda, Nava Levit-Binnun

20-02-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Source Memory and Cognitive Control in Gurdjieff Meditators
Gabriela Santos Rodrigues, Antônio Jaeger

20-02-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Field Experiment Examining Mindfulness on Eating Enjoyment and Behavior in Children
Phan Y. Hong, Matthew D. Hanson, David A. Lishner, Shelby L. Kelso, Steven W. Steinert

05-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Investigating Unique Contributions of Dispositional Mindfulness Facets to Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in General and Student Populations
Oleg N. Medvedev, Phoenix A. Norden, Christian U. Krägeloh, Richard J. Siegert

08-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Reducing Israeli-Jewish Pupils’ Outgroup Prejudice with a Mindfulness and Compassion-Based Social-Emotional Program
Rony Berger, Alaina Brenick, Ricardo Tarrasch

05-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Interaction Between Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, and Social Anxiety and Its Association with Emotional Eating in Bariatric Surgery Candidates
Kristy L. Dalrymple, Heather Clark, Iwona Chelminski, Mark Zimmerman

Open Access 12-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Meditation-Induced Near-Death Experiences: a 3-Year Longitudinal Study
William Van Gordon, Edo Shonin, Thomas J. Dunn, David Sheffield, Javier Garcia-Campayo, Mark D. Griffiths

Open Access 13-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Testing for an Effect of a Mindfulness Induction on Child Executive Functions
Anna Leyland, Lisa-Marie Emerson, Georgina Rowse

19-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Impact of Self-Compassion on Shame-Proneness in Social Anxiety
Diana-Mirela Cȃndea, Aurora Szentágotai-Tătar

Open Access 02-05-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effects of an Online Mindfulness Intervention on Perceived Stress, Depression and Anxiety in a Non-clinical Sample: A Randomised Waitlist Control Trial
Dawn Querstret, Mark Cropley, Chris Fife-Schaw

12-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Relationships among Clinician Self-Report of Empathy, Mindfulness, and Therapeutic Alliance
Hugh D. Leonard, Kendra Campbell, Vivian M. Gonzalez

08-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Childhood Trauma and Somatization: Identifying Mechanisms for Targeted Intervention
Emily B. Kroska, Anne I. Roche, Michael W. O’Hara

Open Access 19-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Differences in Functional Connectivity of the Insula Between Brain Wave Vibration in Meditators and Non-meditators
Joon Hwan Jang, Jae-Hun Kim, Je-Yeon Yun, Soo-Hee Choi, Seung Chan An, Do-Hyung Kang

17-08-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Samatha Meditation Training for Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Effects on Active Academic Engagement and Math Performance
Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, Laura Nabors, Rachel E. Myers, Joshua C. Felver, Ramasamy Manikam

15-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Enhancing Brain Maturation Through a Mindfulness-Based Education in Elementary School Children: a Quantitative EEG Study
Vorasith Siripornpanich, Kwanrutai Sampoon, Suthida Chaithirayanon, Naiphinich Kotchabhakdi, Nuanchan Chutabhakdikul

24-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Pilot Mobile-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Cancer Patients and Their Informal Caregivers
Ai Kubo, Andrea Altschuler, Elaine Kurtovich, Sarah Hendlish, Cecile A. Laurent, Tatjana Kolevska, Yan Li, Andrew Avins

Open Access 22-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Explaining Variations in Mindfulness Levels in Daily Life
Han Suelmann, André Brouwers, Evelien Snippe

15-03-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Influence of Self-Compassion on Cognitive Appraisals and Coping with Stressful Events
Yuta Chishima, Masashi Mizuno, Daichi Sugawara, Yuki Miyagawa

10-04-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness: Relations with Prejudice, Social Dominance Orientation, and Right-Wing Authoritarianism
Adelheid A. M. Nicol, Kalee De France

13-04-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Diary Study: the Protective Role of Self-Compassion on Stress-Related Poor Sleep Quality
Yueqin Hu, Yuyin Wang, Yifang Sun, Javier Arteta-Garcia, Stephanie Purol

11-05-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Efficacy of Cognitively-Based Compassion Training for African American Suicide Attempters
Devon LoParo, Sallie A. Mack, Bobbi Patterson, Lobsang Tenzin Negi, Nadine J. Kaslow

16-04-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Fatigue and Depressive Symptom Relationship in Mothers of Young Children: the Moderating Role of Mindfulness
Kym Riley, Angela Gent, Suzanne McLaren, Jeremy Caunt, Vasileios Stavropoulos

04-08-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Potential of Facing Anger with Mindfulness
Bhikkhu Anālayo


Dealings with Distractions: At-home Meditation Practice
Marjorie Jacobs


Jon Kabat-Zinn


Proprioception—the Felt Sense of the Body
Jon Kabat-Zinn


Sati, Memory, and Wisdom. Response to Ven. Anālayo’s “Mindfulness Constructs in Early Buddhism and Theravāda: Another Contribution to the Memory Debate”
Bryan Levman


Remembering with Wisdom Is Not Intrinsic to All Forms of Mindfulness
Bhikkhu Anālayo

09-08-2018 | BOOK REVIEW

Russell L. Kolts, Tobyn Bell, James Bennett-Levy, and Chris Irons: Experiencing Compassion-Focused Therapy from the Inside Out: a Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists. Guilford Press, New York, 2018, 332 pp
Laura Nabors

26-07-2018 | Correction

Correction to: The Immediate and Long-term Effects of an Intensive Meditation Retreat
Jonah N. Cohen, Dane Jensen, Jonathan P. Stange, Mark Neuburger, Richard G. Heimberg

04-08-2018 | Correction

Correction to: Trait Self-Compassion Reflects Emotional Flexibility Through an Association with High Vagally Mediated Heart Rate Variability
Julie Lillebostad Svendsen, Berge Osnes, Per-Einar Binder, Ingrid Dundas, Endre Visted, Helge Nordby, Elisabeth Schanche, Lin Sørensen

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