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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 5/1998

Uitgave 5/1998

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01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

The health-related quality of life of adults with Gaucher's disease receiving enzyme replacement therapy: results from a retrospective study

A. M. Damiano, G. M. Pastores, J. E. Ware Jr

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

The proxy problem: child report versus parent report in health-related quality of life research

N. C. M. Theunissen*, T. G. C. Vogels, H. M. Koopman, G. H. W. Verrips, K. A. H. Zwinderman, S. P. Verloove-Vanhorick, J. M. Wit

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

Assessing health-related quality of life in chronically ill children with the German KINDL: first psychometric and content analytical results

U. Ravens-Sieberer, M. Bullinger

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

Health-related quality of life in Australian children with asthma: lessons for the cross-cultural use of quality of life instruments

D. J. French, A. Carroll, M. J. Christie

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

Psychometric properties of the Health Utilities Index Mark 2 system in paediatric oncology patients

J. G. Trudel, M. Rivard, P. L. Dobkin, J.-M. Leclerc, P. Robaey

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

Canadian-French, German and UK versions of the Child Health Questionnaire: methodology and preliminary item scaling results

J. M. Landgraf, E. Maunsell, K. Nixon Speechley, M. Bullinger, S. Campbell, L. Abetz, J. E. Ware

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

‘Short stature in children - a questionnaire for parents’: a new instrument for growth disorder-specific psychosocial adaptation in children

F. Haverkamp, M. Noeker

01-07-1998 | Uitgave 5/1998

Measuring health-related quality of life in children: the development of the TACQOL parent form

T. Vogels, G. H. W. Verrips, S. P. Verloove-Vanhorick, M. Fekkes, R. P. Kamphuis, H.M. Koopman, N. C. M. Theunissen, J. M. Wit

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