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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 3/1997

Uitgave 3/1997

Inhoudsopgave ( 9 Artikelen )

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

The problem of quality of life

S. M. Hunt

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

Is the SF-36 health survey questionnaire suitable as a self-report measure of the health status of older adults with Parkinson's disease?

J. P. Hobson, R. J. Meara

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

Assessing the validity of the SF-36 General Health Survey

S. A. Stansfeld, R. Roberts, S. P. Foot

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

Randomized trials with quality of life endpoints: Are doctors' ratings of patients' physical symptoms interchangeable with patients' self-ratings?

R. J. Stephens, P. Hopwood, D. J. Girling, D. Machin

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

‘Equivalence’ and the translation and adaptation of health-related quality of life questionnaires

M. Herdman, J. Fox-Rushby, X. Badia

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

Development of a tool to measure the life situation of parents of children with cancer

K. Enskär, M. Carlsson, L. von Essen, A. Kreuger, E. Hamrin

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

Management in general practice significantly reduced psychosocial consequences of female urinary incontinence

A. Seim, R. Hermstad, S. Hunskaar

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

General life satisfaction and domain-specific quality of life in chronic schizophrenic patients

G. Kemmler, B. Holzner, C. Neudorfer, U. Meise, H. Hinterhuber

01-05-1997 | Uitgave 3/1997

Performance and quality of life outcome in patients completing concomitant chemoradiotherapy protocols for head and neck cancer

M. A. List, P. Mumby, D. Haraf, A. Siston, R. Mick, E. MacCracken, E. Vokes

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