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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 7/2011

Uitgave 7/2011

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01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

A knowledge translation challenge: clinical use of quality of life data from cancer clinical trials

Michael Brundage, Brenda Bass, Ringash Jolie, Kimberley Foley

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Intergenerational volunteering and quality of life: mixed methods evaluation of a randomized control trial involving persons with mild to moderate dementia

Daniel R. George

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The CASP-19 as a measure of quality of life in old age: evaluation of its use in a retirement community

Julius Sim, Bernadette Bartlam, Miriam Bernard

01-09-2011 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 7/2011 Open Access

How useful are the SF-36 sub-scales in older people? Mokken scaling of data from the HALCyon programme

Gita D. Mishra, Catharine R. Gale, Avan Aihie Sayer, Cyrus Cooper, Elaine M. Dennison, Lawrence J. Whalley, Leone Craig, Diana Kuh, Ian J. Deary, The HALCyon Study Team

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The development of two postnatal health instruments: one for mothers (M-PHI) and one for fathers (F-PHI) to measure health during the first year of parenting

G. L. Jones, C. J. Morrell, J. M. Cooke, D. Speier, D. Anumba, S. Stewart-Brown

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Development of a Frequent Heartburn Index

Donald E. Stull, Patricia van Hanswijck de Jonge, Katherine Houghton, Christopher Kocun, David W. Sandor

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The development and validation of a general measure of well-being: the BBC well-being scale

P. Kinderman, M. Schwannauer, E. Pontin, S. Tai

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Development and validation of the living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease questionnaire

Stephen P. McKenna, David M. Meads, Lynda C. Doward, James Twiss, Robin Pokrzywinski, Dennis Revicki, Cameron J. Hunter, G. Alastair Glendenning

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Relationship between spirituality/religiousness and coping in patients with residual schizophrenia

Ruchita Shah, Parmanand Kulhara, Sandeep Grover, Suresh Kumar, Rama Malhotra, Shikha Tyagi

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Cognitive motivational systems and life satisfaction in serious and persistent mental illness

Iruma Bello, John J. Steffen, Kentaro Hayashi

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The relationships between quality of life and anxiety symptoms and the moderating effects of socio-demographic characteristics in Taiwanese adolescents

Cheng-Fang Yen, Pinchen Yang, Chih-Hung Ko, Ju-Yu Yen, Fan-Ching Hsu, Yu-Yu Wu

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale Brief Version: a validation study in patients with schizophrenia

Laia Mas-Expósito, Juan Antonio Amador-Campos, Juana Gómez-Benito, Lluís Lalucat-Jo

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Reliability and validity of the PedsQL™ Multidimensional Fatigue Scale in Japan

Kyoko Kobayashi, Yoshiyuki Okano, Naohiro Hohashi

01-09-2011 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 7/2011 Open Access

Fatigue in children: reliability and validity of the Dutch PedsQLTM Multidimensional Fatigue Scale

M. Suzanne Gordijn, Eline M. P. Cremers, Gertjan J. L. Kaspers, Reinoud J. B. J. Gemke

01-09-2011 | Erratum | Uitgave 7/2011 Open Access

Erratum to: Fatigue in children: reliability and validity of the Dutch PedsQL™ Multidimensional Fatigue Scale

M. Suzanne Gordijn, Eline M. P. Cremers, Gertjan J. L. Kaspers, Reinoud J. B. J. Gemke

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Validation of POMS questionnaire in postmenopausal women

Kathleen W. Wyrwich, Holly Yu

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Quality of life in Brazil: normative values for the Whoqol-bref in a southern general population sample

Luciane N. Cruz, Carisi A. Polanczyk, Suzi A. Camey, Juliana F. Hoffmann, Marcelo P. Fleck

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011 Open Access

Health-related quality of life in adults reporting arthritis: analysis from the National Health Measurement Study

Dinesh Khanna, Paul Maranian, Mari Palta, Robert M. Kaplan, Ron D. Hays, Dasha Cherepanov, Dennis G. Fryback

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Choosing appropriate patient-reported outcomes instrument for glaucoma research: a systematic review of vision instruments

Jemaima Che Hamzah, Jennifer M. Burr, Craig R. Ramsay, Augusto Azuara-Blanco, Maria Prior

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