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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 2/2011

Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

The importance of socio-demographic factors for the quality of life of adults with congenital heart disease

Matthäus Vigl, Eva Niggemeyer, Alfred Hager, Gerda Schwedler, Siegfried Kropf, Ulrike Bauer

Smoking habits and health-related quality of life in a rural Japanese population

Koichi Funahashi, Ippei Takahashi, Kazuma Danjo, Masashi Matsuzaka, Takashi Umeda, Shigeyuki Nakaji

External validity of the pediatric cardiac quality of life inventory

Bradley S. Marino, Dennis Drotar, Amy Cassedy, Richard Davis, Ryan S. Tomlinson, Katelyn Mellion, Kathleen Mussatto, Lynn Mahony, Jane W. Newburger, Elizabeth Tong, Mitchell I. Cohen, Mark A. Helfaer, Anne E. Kazak, Jo Wray, Gil Wernovsky, Judy A. Shea, Richard Ittenbach

Open Access

Measurement properties of a multicultural weight-specific quality-of-life instrument for children and adolescents

Leo S. Morales, Todd C. Edwards, Yvonne Flores, Lee Barr, Donald L. Patrick

Life satisfaction in adult survivors of cancer during adolescence: what contributes to the latter satisfaction with life?

Diana C. M. Seitz, Daniela Hagmann, Tanja Besier, Ute Dieluweit, Klaus-Michael Debatin, Desiree Grabow, Peter Kaatsch, Gerhard Henrich, Lutz Goldbeck

Understanding the relationships between health outcomes in generalized anxiety disorder clinical trials

Kathleen W. Wyrwich, Neesha Harnam, Julie C. Locklear, Henrik Svedsäter, Dennis A. Revicki

Open Access Brief Communication

Discrepancy in rating health-related quality of life of depression between patient and general population

Sylvia A. H. Gerhards, Silvia M. A. A. Evers, Philip W. M. Sabel, Marcus J. H. Huibers

Validation of the medical outcomes study HIV (MOS-HIV) health survey among HIV-infected patients in Taiwan

Ping-Chuan Hsiung, Chi-Tai Fang, Keng-Lin Lee, Wang-Huei Sheng, Chia-Yun Wu, Jung-Der Wang, Grace Yao

Brief Communication

Validation of the Fatigue Impact Scale in Hungarian patients with multiple sclerosis

Erika Losonczi, Krisztina Bencsik, Cecília Rajda, Gyula Lencsés, Margit Török, László Vécsei