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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 2/2010

Uitgave 2/2010

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01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010 Open Access

Quality of life, characteristics and survival of patients with HIV and lymphoma

Catherine Diamond, Thomas H. Taylor, Hoda Anton-Culver

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Perceived social support, hope, and quality of life of persons living with HIV/AIDS: a case study from Nepal

Sushil Yadav

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

The effect of body mass on health-related quality of life among Singaporean adolescents: results from the SCORM study

Truls Østbye, Rahul Malhotra, Hwee-Bee Wong, Say-Beng Tan, Seang-Mei Saw

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Validity of information obtained from a method for estimating cancer costs from the perspective of patients and caregivers

Sophie Lauzier, Elizabeth Maunsell, Mélanie Drolet, Douglas Coyle, Nicole Hébert-Croteau

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Health-related quality of life among paediatric survivors of primary brain tumours and acute leukaemia

Monika Pogorzala, Jan Styczynski, Andrzej Kurylak, Robert Debski, Magdalena Wojtkiewicz, Mariusz Wysocki

01-03-2010 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 2/2010

Reliability and validity of the Greek translation of the MOS-HIV health survey in HIV-infected individuals

Panagiota G. Stasinopoulou, Chara Tzavara, Christine Dimitrakaki, Ourania Georgiou, Ioannis G. Baraboutis, Athanasios Skoutelis, Vassilios Papastamipoulos, Yannis Tountas

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Psychometric evaluation of the impact of cancer (IOC-CS) scale for young adult survivors of childhood cancer

Brad J. Zebrack, Janet E. Donohue, James G. Gurney, Mark A. Chesler, Smita Bhatia, Wendy Landier

01-03-2010 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 2/2010

Cross-national comparability of the WHOQOL-BREF: A measurement invariance approach

Peter Theuns, Joeri Hofmans, Mehrdad Mazaheri, Frederik Van Acker, Jan L. Bernheim

01-03-2010 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 2/2010

Factorial structure and validity of the Multicultural Quality of Life Index

Irene Álvarez, Arturo Bados, Maribel Peró

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Deriving SF-12v2 physical and mental health summary scores: a comparison of different scoring algorithms

John A. Fleishman, Alfredo J. Selim, Lewis E. Kazis

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Communicating about the experience of pain and fatigue in disability

Kathryn M. Yorkston, Kurt Johnson, Erin Boesflug, Joe Skala, Dagmar Amtmann

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010 Open Access

Somatically ill persons’ self-nominated quality of life domains: review of the literature and guidelines for future studies

Elsbeth F. Taminiau-Bloem, Mechteld R. M. Visser, Carol Tishelman, Margot A. Koeneman, Florence J. van Zuuren, Mirjam A. G. Sprangers

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

The importance of facets of quality of life to older adults: an international investigation

Anita Molzahn, Suzanne M. Skevington, Mary Kalfoss, Kara Schick Makaroff

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