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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 3/2008

Uitgave 3/2008

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01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Evaluation of a Multi-disciplinary Back Pain Rehabilitation Programme—Individual and Group Perspectives

Andrew Baird, Lisa Worral, Cheryl Haslam, Roger Haslam

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Improving quality of life using compound mind-body therapies: evaluation of a course intervention with body movement and breath therapy, guided imagery, chakra experiencing and mindfulness meditation

Lotta Fernros, Anna-Karin Furhoff, Per E. Wändell

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

The effects of exercise training on quality of life in HAART-treated HIV-positive Rwandan subjects with body fat redistribution

Eugene Mutimura, Aimee Stewart, Nigel J. Crowther, Kevin E. Yarasheski, W. Todd Cade

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Trajectory and determinants of the quality of life of family caregivers of terminally ill cancer patients in Taiwan

Siew Tzuh Tang, Chung-Yi Li, Cheryl Chia-Hui Chen

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Impact of oral health status on oral health-related quality of life in Chinese hospitalised geriatric patients

Doris S. F. Yu, Diana T. F. Lee, Athena W. L. Hong, Tak Yin Lau, Edward M. F. Leung

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Physical activity, quality of life, and weight status in overweight children

Jo Ann Shoup, Michelle Gattshall, Padma Dandamudi, Paul Estabrooks

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

The SF-36 scales are not accurately summarised by independent physical and mental component scores

Mark Hann, David Reeves

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Aggregated measures of functional disability in a nationally representative sample of disabled people: analysis of dimensionality according to gender and severity of disability

Julio Cabrero-García, José Antonio López-Pina

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Validation of the French version of the colorectal-specific quality-of-life questionnaires EORTC QLQ-CR38 and FACT-C

Christine Rotonda, T. Conroy, M. Mercier, F. Bonnetain, L. Uwer, J. Miny, P. Montcuquet, I. Léonard, A. Adenis, G. Breysacher, F. Guillemin

01-04-2008 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 3/2008

The adaptation into Spanish of the Coddington Life Events Scales (CLES)

E. Villalonga-Olives, J. M. Valderas, J. A. Palacio-Vieira, M. Herdman, L. Rajmil, J. Alonso

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

The validity of generic and condition-specific preference-based instruments: the ability to discriminate asthma control status

Helen M. McTaggart-Cowan, Carlo A. Marra, Yaling Yang, John E. Brazier, Jacek A. Kopec, J. Mark FitzGerald, Aslam H. Anis, Larry D. Lynd

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008 Open Access

Quantification of the level descriptors for the standard EQ-5D three-level system and a five-level version according to two methods

M. F. Janssen, E. Birnie, G. J. Bonsel

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

EuroQol EQ-5D and condition-specific measures of health outcome in women with urinary incontinence: reliability, validity and responsiveness

Kirstie L. Haywood, Andrew M. Garratt, Ranjit Lall, Jan Fereday Smith, Sarah E. Lamb

01-04-2008 | Uitgave 3/2008

Comparing preference-based quality-of-life measures: results from rehabilitation patients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, or psychosomatic disorders

Joern Moock, Thomas Kohlmann

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