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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 10/2008

Uitgave 10/2008

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01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Changes in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in a population-based sample of children and adolescents after 3 years of follow-up

J. A. Palacio-Vieira, E. Villalonga-Olives, J. M. Valderas, M. Espallargues, M. Herdman, S. Berra, J. Alonso, L. Rajmil

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Impact of smoking and smoking cessation on health-related quality of life in women in the Nurses’ Health Study

Linda Sarna, Stella A. Bialous, Mary E. Cooley, Hee-Jin Jun, Diane Feskanich

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Health-related quality of life in unselected outpatients with heart failure across Spain in two different health care levels. Magnitude and determinants of impairment: The INCA study

Beatriz de Rivas, Gaietà Permanyer-Miralda, Carlos Brotons, Joaquín Aznar, Eduardo Sobreviela

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Cognitive interviewing in the evaluation of fatigue items: Results from the patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS)

Christopher Christodoulou, Doerte U. Junghaenel, Darren A. DeWalt, Nan Rothrock, Arthur A. Stone

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Psychometric properties of the Personal and Social Performance scale (PSP) among individuals with schizophrenia living in the community

Ariane K. Kawata, Dennis A. Revicki

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Comparative responsiveness and minimal change for the Oxford Elbow Score following surgery

Jill Dawson, Helen Doll, Irene Boller, Ray Fitzpatrick, Christopher Little, Jonathan Rees, Andrew Carr

01-12-2008 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 10/2008

The Turkish version of the National Eye Institute Refractive Error Quality of Life Instrument: translation, validity and reliability

Ebru Toker, Sumru Onal, Muhsin Eraslan, Merih Eyriparmak

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Lower visual acuity predicts worse utility values among patients with type 2 diabetes

David H. Smith, Eric S. Johnson, Allen Russell, Brian Hazlehurst, Cecilia Muraki, Gregory A. Nichols, Allen Oglesby, Jonathan Betz-Brown

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Health-related quality of life and utilities in primary-care patients with generalized anxiety disorder

Dennis A. Revicki, Nancy Brandenburg, Louis Matza, Mark C. Hornbrook, David Feeny

01-12-2008 | Introduction | Uitgave 10/2008

Using patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice: proceedings of an International Society of Quality of Life Research conference

Neil K. Aaronson, Claire Snyder

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Prospects and challenges in using patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice

Constance H. Fung, Ron D. Hays

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Patient-reported outcomes and the mandate of measurement

Gary Donaldson

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Evaluating the effectiveness of using PROs in clinical practice: a role for cluster-randomised trials

Peter M. Fayers

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

Taking PROs and patient-centered care seriously: incremental and disruptive ideas for incorporating PROs in oncology practice

Molla Sloane Donaldson

01-12-2008 | Uitgave 10/2008

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