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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 7/2006

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)

Health related quality of life after mitral valve repairs and replacements

Artyom Sedrakyan, Viola Vaccarino, John A. Elefteriades, Jennifer A. Mattera, Zhenqiu Lin, Sarah A. Roumanis, Harlan M. Krumholz

Health-related quality of life in youth with epilepsy: Theoretical model for clinicians and researchers. Part I: The role of epilepsy and co-morbidity

Lucyna M. Lach, Gabriel M. Ronen, Peter L. Rosenbaum, Charles Cunningham, Michael H. Boyle, Shauna Bowman, David L. Streiner

Feasibility and validity of a computer administered version of SEIQoL-DW

L Ring, Å Kettis Lindblad, P Bendtsen, E Viklund, R Jansson, B Glimelius

Condensation and validation of a 4-item index of the Acne-QoL

Jerry Tan, Karen Y. Fung, Shahedul Khan

A patient-based questionnaire to assess outcomes of foot surgery: Validation in the context of surgery for hallux valgus

Jill Dawson, Jane Coffey, Helen Doll, Grahame Lavis, Paul Cooke, Mark Herron, Crispin Jenkinson

Using GI-specific patient outcome measures in renal transplant patients: Validation of the GSRS and GIQLI

Leah Kleinman, Anne Kilburg, Gerardo Machnicki, Randall Faull, Rowan Walker, Ramesh Prasad, Patrice Ambuehl, Udo Bahner, Mary Kay Margolis