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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 8/2016

Uitgave 8/2016

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01-08-2016 | Review | Uitgave 8/2016 Open Access

Patient-reported outcome measures for cancer caregivers: a systematic review

Valerie Shilling, Lucy Matthews, Valerie Jenkins, Lesley Fallowfield

01-08-2016 | Review | Uitgave 8/2016

The psychosocial experience of individuals living with osteogenesis imperfecta: a mixed-methods systematic review

Argerie Tsimicalis, Gabrielle Denis-Larocque, Alisha Michalovic, Carolann Lepage, Karl Williams, Tian-Ran Yao, Telma Palomo, Noemi Dahan-Oliel, Sylvie Le May, Frank Rauch

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Better quality of life in patients offered financial incentives for taking anti-psychotic medication: Linked to improved adherence or more money?

Katherine Moran, Stefan Priebe

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Impact of a community-based lifestyle intervention program on health-related quality of life

Yvonne L. Eaglehouse, Gerald L. Schafer, Vincent C. Arena, M. Kaye Kramer, Rachel G. Miller, Andrea M. Kriska

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016 Open Access

Home but still engaged: participation in social activities among the homebound

Sarah L. Szanton, Laken Roberts, Bruce Leff, Janiece L. Walker, Christopher L. Seplaki, Tacara Soones, Roland J. Thorpe Jr., Katherine A. Ornstein

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Impact of nine chronic conditions for US adults aged 65 years and older: an application of a hybrid estimator of quality-adjusted life years throughout remainder of lifetime

Haomiao Jia, Erica I. Lubetkin

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Relationship of moderate alcohol intake and type of beverage with health behaviors and quality of life in elderly subjects

Elizabeth González-Rubio, Ismael San Mauro, Cristina López-Ruíz, Ligia E. Díaz-Prieto, Ascensión Marcos, Esther Nova

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

The relevance of memory sensitivity for psychological well-being in aging

Enrico Toffalini, Erika Borella, Cesare Cornoldi, Rossana De Beni

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Health-related quality of life among veterans in addictions treatment: identifying behavioral targets for future intervention

Marily A. Oppezzo, Anne K. Michalek, Kevin Delucchi, Michael T. M. Baiocchi, Paul G. Barnett, Judith J. Prochaska

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016 Open Access

Factors influencing psychosocial adjustment and quality of life in Parkinson patients and informal caregivers

María Victoria Navarta-Sánchez, Juana M. Senosiain García, Mario Riverol, María Eugenia Ursúa Sesma, Sara Díaz de Cerio Ayesa, Sagrario Anaut Bravo, Neus Caparrós Civera, Mari Carmen Portillo

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Changes in quality of life after a diagnosis of cancer: a 2-year study comparing breast cancer and melanoma patients

M. Bourdon, M. Blanchin, P. Tessier, M. Campone, G. Quéreux, F. Dravet, V. Sébille, A. Bonnaud-Antignac

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Determinants of quality of life among long-term breast cancer survivors

Wai-on Chu, Pegdwende Olivia Dialla, Patrick Roignot, Marie-Christine Bone-Lepinoy, Marie-Laure Poillot, Charles Coutant, Patrick Arveux, Tienhan Sandrine Dabakuyo-Yonli

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Factors associated with depressive symptoms in young long-term breast cancer survivors

Andrea A. Cohee, Timothy Stump, Rebecca N. Adams, Shelley A. Johns, Diane Von Ah, Kathleen Zoppi, Betsy Fife, Patrick O. Monahan, David Cella, Victoria L. Champion

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Health-related quality of life among Indigenous Australians diagnosed with cancer

G. Garvey, J. Cunningham, V. Yf He, M. Janda, P. Baade, S. Sabesan, J. H. Martin, M. Fay, J. Adams, S. Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, P. C. Valery

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Trajectories and associated factors of quality of life, global outcome, and post-concussion symptoms in the first year following mild traumatic brain injury

Chia-Chen Chiang, Su-Er Guo, Kuo-Chang Huang, Bih-O Lee, Jun-Yu Fan

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Drug persistence and compliance affect patient-reported outcomes in overactive bladder syndrome

Tae Heon Kim, Myung-Soo Choo, Young-Joo Kim, Hyein Koh, Kyu-Sung Lee

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Health-related quality-of-life improvements during 98 weeks of infliximab therapy in patients with plaque-type psoriasis in real-world practice

N. H. Shear, M. Hartmann, M. E. Toledo-Bahena, M. Gilbert, A. Katsambas, R. Yao, Z. Popmihajlov

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Fluctuating patterns in quality of life outcomes among patients with moderate and severe stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Christine R. Borge, Anne M. Mengshoel, Torbjørn Moum, Astrid K. Wahl

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Is health-related quality of life between 90 and 180 days following stroke associated with long-term unmet needs?

N. E. Andrew, M. F. Kilkenny, N. A. Lannin, D. A. Cadilhac

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016 Open Access

The validity and responsiveness of the ICECAP-A capability-well-being measure in women with irritative lower urinary tract symptoms

Ilias Goranitis, Joanna Coast, Hareth Al-Janabi, Pallavi Latthe, Tracy E. Roberts

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Development of the Cardiac Surgery Patient Expectations Questionnaire (C-SPEQ)

Sari D. Holmes, Lisa M. Fornaresio, Casey E. Miller, Deborah J. Shuman, Niv Ad

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Development and validation of the nasopharyngeal cancer scale among the system of quality of life instruments for cancer patients (QLICP-NA V2.0): combined classical test theory and generalizability theory

Jiayuan Wu, Liren Hu, Gaohua Zhang, Qilian Liang, Qiong Meng, Chonghua Wan

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

How different are composite and traditional TTO valuations of severe EQ-5D-5L states?

Feng Xie, Eleanor Pullenayegum, Kathy Gaebel, Nick Bansback, Stirling Bryan, Arto Ohinmaa, Lise Poissant, Jeffrey A. Johnson

01-08-2016 | Uitgave 8/2016

Using patient-reported outcomes and PROMIS in research and clinical applications: experiences from the PCORI pilot projects

Clifton O. Bingham III, Susan J. Bartlett, Peter A. Merkel, Thelma J. Mielenz, Paul A. Pilkonis, Lauren Edmundson, Emily Moore, Rajeev K. Sabharwal

01-08-2016 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 8/2016

The effect of response option order on self-rated health: a replication study

Dana Garbarski, Nora Cate Schaeffer, Jennifer Dykema

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