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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 8/2015

Uitgave 8/2015

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01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Overall performance of Oort’s procedure for response shift detection at item level: a pilot simulation study

Antoine Vanier, Véronique Sébille, Myriam Blanchin, Alice Guilleux, Jean-Benoit Hardouin

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Testing item response theory invariance of the standardized Quality-of-life Disease Impact Scale (QDIS®) in acute coronary syndrome patients: differential functioning of items and test

Nina Deng, Milena D. Anatchkova, Molly E. Waring, Kyung T. Han, John E. Ware Jr.

01-08-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 8/2015

Testing measurement invariance of the GHQ-28 in stroke patients

Theresa Munyombwe, Robert M. West, Kate Hill

01-08-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 8/2015

Assessing measurement invariance of three depression scales between neurologic samples and community samples

Hyewon Chung, Jiseon Kim, Robert L. Askew, Salene M. W. Jones, Karon F. Cook, Dagmar Amtmann

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Quality of life attenuates age-related decline in functional status of older adults

Yuval Palgi, Amit Shrira, Oleg Zaslavsky

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015 Open Access

Illness perceptions mediate the relationship between bowel symptom severity and health-related quality of life in IBS patients

Véronique De Gucht

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

The correlation of the “Walking Estimated-Limitation Calculated by History” (WELCH) questionnaire with treadmill maximal walking time is not impaired by age, in patients with claudication

Alban Fouasson-Chailloux, Pierre Abraham, Bruno Vielle, Isabelle Laporte, Loukman Omarjee, Nafi Ouedraogo

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Independent and combined association of overall physical fitness and subjective well-being with fibromyalgia severity: the al-Ándalus project

Fernando Estévez-López, Cindy M. Gray, Víctor Segura-Jiménez, Alberto Soriano-Maldonado, Inmaculada C. Álvarez-Gallardo, Manuel J. Arrayás-Grajera, Ana Carbonell-Baeza, Virginia A. Aparicio, Manuel Delgado-Fernández, Manuel Pulido-Martos

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

The subjective well-being of individuals diagnosed with comorbid intellectual disability and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders

Tal Araten-Bergman

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Perceived health status and cardiometabolic risk among a sample of youth in Mexico

Yvonne N. Flores, Gabriel Q. Shaibi, Leo S. Morales, Jorge Salmerón, Anne M. Skalicky, Todd C. Edwards, Katia Gallegos-Carrillo, Donald L. Patrick

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Assessment of Parkinson’s disease levodopa-induced dyskinesia: a qualitative research study

William R. Lenderking, Sally Mannix, Jennifer Petrillo, Christopher Kenney, Amanda Landrian, Anette-Eleonore Schrag

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

The use of cognitive interviews to revise the Quality of Trauma Care Patient-Reported Experience Measure (QTAC-PREM)

Niklas Bobrovitz, Maria J. Santana, Theresa Kline, John Kortbeek, Henry T. Stelfox

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Item-level informant discrepancies between children and their parents on the PROMIS® pediatric scales

James W. Varni, David Thissen, Brian D. Stucky, Yang Liu, Brooke Magnus, Jason He, Esi Morgan DeWitt, Debra E. Irwin, Jin-Shei Lai, Dagmar Amtmann, Darren A. DeWalt

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Testing parent dyad interchangeability in the parent proxy-report of PedsQL™ 4.0: a differential item functioning analysis

Marziyeh Doostfatemeh, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Ayatollahi, Peyman Jafari

01-08-2015 | Review | Uitgave 8/2015

Equivalence of electronic and paper-based patient-reported outcome measures

Niloufar Campbell, Faraz Ali, Andrew Y. Finlay, Sam S. Salek

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Validity of the 12-item World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS 2.0) in individuals with Huntington disease (HD)

Noelle E. Carlozzi, Anna L. Kratz, Nancy R. Downing, Siera Goodnight, Jennifer A. Miner, Nicholas Migliore, Jane S. Paulsen

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Psychometric properties of the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale in multiple sclerosis

Simona Raimo, Luigi Trojano, Daniele Spitaleri, Vittorio Petretta, Dario Grossi, Gabriella Santangelo

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Measurement properties of translated versions of the Scoliosis Research Society-22 Patient Questionnaire, SRS-22: a systematic review

Marco Monticone, Claudia Nava, Vittorio Leggero, Barbara Rocca, Stefano Salvaderi, Simona Ferrante, Emilia Ambrosini

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015

Conceptual structure of the Taiwan Chinese version of the EORTC QLQ-C30

Chi-Cheng Huang, Shih-Hsin Tu, Heng-Hui Lien, Ching-Shui Huang, Pa-Chun Wang, Wei-Chu Chie

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015 Open Access

Short Musculoskeletal Function Assessment: normative data of the Dutch population

M. W. de Graaf, M. El Moumni, E. Heineman, K. W. Wendt, I. H. F. Reininga

01-08-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 8/2015

The STOP-BANG questionnaire: reliability and validity of the Persian version in sleep clinic population

Khosro Sadeghniiat-Haghighi, Ali Montazeri, Ahmad Khajeh-Mehrizi, Mahsa Ghajarzadeh, Zahra Banafsheh Alemohammad, Omid Aminian, Mojtaba Sedaghat

01-08-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 8/2015

Validation of the Malay version of the Quality of Life Questionnaire of the European Foundation for Osteoporosis (QUALEFFO-41) in Malaysia

Thiagarajan Nagammai, Mohamed Mohazmi, Su May Liew, Karuthan Chinna, Pauline Siew Mei Lai

01-08-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 8/2015

Validation of the chronic respiratory questionnaire in the Colombian population with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Jorge M. Estrada Álvarez, Ximena Ossa García, Carmen I. del Quijano del Gordo, Luis Bustos, Diana P. Urina, Celso F. Pérez, John E. Ossa, Edwin Moreno Rojas

01-08-2015 | Uitgave 8/2015 Open Access

Why do multi-attribute utility instruments produce different utilities: the relative importance of the descriptive systems, scale and ‘micro-utility’ effects

Jeff Richardson, Angelo Iezzi, Munir A. Khan

01-08-2015 | Erratum | Uitgave 8/2015

Erratum to: 21st Annual Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Research

M. Holm

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