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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 7/2020

Uitgave 7/2020

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03-04-2020 | Review | Uitgave 7/2020

Quality of life in people with epidermolysis bullosa: a systematic review

C. C. G. Togo, A. P. C. Zidorio, V. S. S. Gonçalves, L. Hubbard, K. M. B. de Carvalho, E. S. Dutra

24-04-2020 | Review | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

Communicating treatment risks and benefits to cancer patients: a systematic review of communication methods

L. F. van de Water, J. J. van Kleef, W. P. M. Dijksterhuis, I. Henselmans, H. G. van den Boorn, N. M. Vaarzon Morel, K. F. Schut, J. G. Daams, E. M. A. Smets, H. W. M. van Laarhoven

03-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Changes in quality of life and sleep across the perinatal period in women with mood disorders

A. W. Kang, T. B. Pearlstein, K. M. Sharkey

28-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

A moderated mediation model of perceived stress, negative emotions and mindfulness on fertility quality of life in women with recurrent pregnancy loss

Guopeng Li, Zhenhua Jiang, Xue Han, Xue Shang, Wanli Tian, Xiaofei Kang, Mei Fang

09-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

Effect of lymphedema self-management group-based education compared with social network-based education on quality of life and fear of cancer recurrence in women with breast cancer: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Zahra Omidi, Masoomeh Kheirkhah, Jamileh Abolghasemi, Shahpar Haghighat

03-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Socioeconomic burden and quality of life in meningioma patients

Hans-Georg Wirsching, Corinne Morel, Patrick Roth, Michael Weller

27-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Evaluation of quality of life and its influencing factors after transplantation of leukemia patients based on SF-36 score: a cohort study

Wenjun Xie, Xiaoyu Zhang, Jiao Wang, Jinghui Zhang, Jie Liu, Bei Wang, Wei Guan, Huijuan Zhang, Li Xu, Guiying Liu, Sizhou Feng, Changping Li, Mingzhe Han

02-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Predictive model of variables associated with health-related quality of life in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease receiving hemodialysis

P. García-Martínez, M. D. Temprado-Albalat, R. Ballester-Arnal, K. Gandhi-Morar, J. Castro-Calvo, E. Collado-Boira

15-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Quality of life may be a more valuable prognostic factor than depression in older hemodialysis patients

Saulo Barbosa Vasconcelos de Alencar, Luana do Amaral Dias, Victor do Amaral Dias, Fábia Maria de Lima, Ulisses Ramos Montarroyos, Kátia Cristina Lima de Petribú

06-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

Self-esteem in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Randi Opheim, Bjørn Moum, Bjørn Tore Grimstad, Jørgen Jahnsen, Ingrid Prytz Berset, Øistein Hovde, Gert Huppertz-Hauss, Tomm Bernklev, Lars-Petter Jelsness-Jørgensen

09-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Health-related quality of life after sleeve gastrectomy equal to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients?

Valerie M. Monpellier, Luella W. Smith Jr., Vera Voorwinde, Ignace M. C. Janssen, Maartje M. van Stralen

20-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Predictors of health-related quality of life among military HIV-infected individuals

Leonard Emuren, Seth Welles, Grace Macalino, Alison A. Evans, Marcia Polansky, Anuradha Ganesan, Rhonda E. Colombo, Brian K. Agan, the Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program HIV Working Group

29-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Pain catastrophizing mediates the negative influence of pain and trait-anxiety on health-related quality of life in fibromyalgia

Carmen M. Galvez-Sánchez, Casandra I. Montoro, Stefan Duschek, Gustavo A. Reyes del Paso

11-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

Exploring the burden of X-linked hypophosphatemia: a European multi-country qualitative study

S. H. Lo, R. Lachmann, A. Williams, N. Piglowska, A. J. Lloyd

17-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

How do doctors perceive and use patient quality of life? Findings from focus group interviews with hospital doctors and general practitioners

Pierre Caillault, Marianne Bourdon, Jean-Benoit Hardouin, Leïla Moret

25-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

FDA review summary of patient-reported outcome results for ibrutinib in the treatment of chronic graft versus host disease

Bellinda L. King-Kallimanis, Tanya Wroblewski, Virginia Kwitkowski, R. Angelo De Claro, Thomas Gwise, Vishal Bhatnagar, Ann T. Farrell, Paul G. Kluetz

05-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

Measurement of health-related quality of life in patients with diabetes mellitus using EQ-5D-5L in Hong Kong, China

Eliza Lai yi Wong, Richard Huan Xu, Annie Wai ling Cheung

27-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Vietnam

Vu Quynh Mai, Sun Sun, Hoang Van Minh, Nan Luo, Kim Bao Giang, Lars Lindholm, Klas Goran Sahlen

20-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

Assessing the construct validity and responsiveness of Preference-Based Measures (PBMs) in cataract surgery patients

Katie Breheny, William Hollingworth, Rebecca Kandiyali, Padraig Dixon, Abi Loose, Pippa Craggs, Mariusz Grzeda, John Sparrow

25-04-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Exploring health state utility values of parents of children with a serious illness

Ishani K. Majmudar, Lidia Engel, Frank Muscara, Christopher Stevenson, Maria McCarthy, Vicki Anderson, Cathrine Mihalopoulos

19-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020 Open Access

The WHOQOL-BREF: a modern psychometric evaluation of its internal construct validity in people with multiple sclerosis

I. M. Pomeroy, A. Tennant, R. J. Mills, C. A. Young, TONiC Study Group

17-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Psychometric characteristics of the WHOQOL-SRPB Scale in a population of stroke survivors and caregivers

Gianluca Pucciarelli, Kristofer Årestedt, Silvio Simeone, Tatiana Bolgeo, Rosaria Alvaro, Ercole Vellone

18-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Validation and calibration of the patient-reported outcomes measurement information system: Pediatric PROMIS® Emotional Distress domain item banks, Portuguese version (Brazil/Portugal)

Márcia N. F. de C. Pinto, Rogério de M. C. Pinto, Tânia M. da S. Mendonça, Camilla G. Souza, Carlos Henrique M. da Silva

27-02-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Psychometric properties of a single-item visual analog scale measuring goals of care in patients with advanced cancer

Sara L. Douglas, Grant Pignatello, Sumin Park, Amy R. Lipson

03-03-2020 | Uitgave 7/2020

Core patient-reported outcome domains for routine clinical care in chronic pain management: patients’ and healthcare professionals’ perspective

Diana Zidarov, Alexia Zidarova-Carrié, Regina Visca, J. Marc Miller, Krista Brecht, Natacha Viens, Sara Ahmed

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